NEW High-Definition Plasma Cutter

Ermak EPL

The Ermak EPL high-definition plasma cutting machine is the latest in Ermak's line of HD plasma cutters. The EPL comes standard equipped with the Hypertherm TrueHole Package, which includes:

  • Hypertherm 130XD plasma cutting unit
  • Hypertherm AcrGlide torch height control
  • Hypertherm EDGE PRO CNC Control
  • ProNest software
  • TrueHole technology
  • Auto Gas console

Featuring - Hypertherm's true hole technology

The Hypertherm 130XD plasma cutting unit promises to provide high-definition positioning accuracy of 0.1mm, repitition accuracy of 0.05mm, low working and initial investment cost, and a convenient design, perfect for assembly-line style production on a wide range of material types and thicknesses up to 1 1/2". Hypertherm also specializes in Controls and plasma components. Hypertherm is also a crucial part of the rapter series of lasers which can range from 1 to 3,000 watts of power, which is perfect for a new fiber customer looking for value and perferformace.

So if you're looking for a big-business machine on a small-business budget, Ermak's EPL is the plasma cutter for you.



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  • Working Width:  1500—4000mm
  • Total Width:  2500—5700mm
  • Total Height:  2280mm
  • Inter Gap:  250mm
  • Torch Distance:  0—200mm
  • Working Length:  3000—12000mm
  • Table Height:  750—900mm
  • Speed:  35m/dak
  • Machine Axes:  3-Axis (X, Y, Z)
  • Positioning Accuracy:  0.1mm
  • Repitition Accuracy:  0.05mm
  • Plasma Cutting Unit:  Hypertherm 130XD
  • Torch Height Control:  Hypertherm ArcGlide
  • Cutting Capacity:  1—38mm
  • Energy:  400V, 50Hz, 6bar
  • Machine Weight:  3,750—18,000kg
  • 220mm standard stroke
  • HyPerformance HPR130XD plasma source generator and torch system for accurate cuts
  • Hyperthem manual gas console
  • Low invesment cost
  • Maximum efficiency
  • 23 times more parts production per hour (pph)
  • 3-Axis (X, Y, Z)
  • High accuracy linear rails
  • Mitsubishi AC servo motor and driver
  • Plan type Neugart gear box
  • Arc Glide THC automatic height control system
  • Hypernet communication system
  • Safety input / output interface madule
  • Nozzle sensor
  • Collision sensor
  • 15” touch screen Hypertherm EDGE Pro CNC controller
  • Remote connection interface
  • Standard / Metric Gagues
  • TurboNEST plasma generator and torch system for precise cuts
  • 2 emergency buttons
  • 6 mechanical stops
  • Easy installation and training

Optional Features

  • Plasma Options:
          - HPR260XD
          - HPR400XD
          - HPR800XD

          - Hypotherm automatic gass console
  • Oxy cutting station w/ Messer-Tanaka oxygen torch
  • Manual angle cutting apparatus
  • 350mm / 500mm adjustable stroke
  • True Hole technology
  • Pipe cutting technology
  • 5-Axis plasma cutting technology
  • Software Options:
          - ProNest CAD / CAM
          - Lantek Expert II CAD / CAM
          - Lantek Flex 3D CAD / CAM

          - Lantek Duct CAD / CAM
  • Controller Options:
          - 15" LCD EDGE Pro CNC controller
          - 19" LCD Linatrol Infinity CNC controller
    Esa Kvara CNC controller (5-Axis)
  • Optional Plasma Filter Units:
          - PL4000 (4000m³/h flow)
          - PL6000 (6000m³/h flow)
          - PL10000 (10000m³/h flow)
  • Light barrier
  • Online bypass features
  • Air dryer
  • Electrical panel fooling fan / heating unit
  • Custom voltage
  • Custom colors
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