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Ermak EVO II 3100-110

Ermak's EVO II is the first hybrid press brake of its kind. Designed to meet the growing demand for low-energy machines, the Evo II is a uniquiely efficient and eco-friendly machine that is beneficial to both the environment and to profit margins. Lean in every aspect of its design, the EVO II has:

  • NO proportional valves
  • NO hydraulic pipeline
  • NO pressure loss
  • NO maintenance requirements

Plus, the EVO II consumes energy only while in action, so it minimizes energy loss while maximizing bending power.  And with 80% less oil usage, your machine will be running for a long time before it needs a tune-up.  

But just because it's got a little less on the inside, doesn't mean it can handle any less on the outside.  The EVO II comes equipped handle up to 110 tons of bending force at bending lengths up to 10'. In addition, this machine comes with a 6-axis backgauge (Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2) amd Delem 66T touch screen CNC controller.  So if you're ready to upgrade to a machine that will give you more for less, the EVO II is the press brake for your business.

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  • Bending Length:  122"
  • Bending Power:  110T
  • Max Bending Capacity:  0.0197"
  • Number of Axes:  6 (Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2)
  • Freefall Speed:  7.87IPS
  • Bending Speed:  0.47IPS
  • Return Speed:  7.87IPS
  • Stroke:  10.83"
  • Back Gauge Stroke (X-Axis):  31.5IPS
  • Back Gauge Stroke (R-Axis):  9.8IPS
  • Distance Between Housings:  102"
  • Crowning:  Motorized
  • Throat Depth:  16.1"
  • Table Height:  35.4"
  • Table Width:  3.5"
  • Daylight:  20.87"
  • Voltage:  380V
  • IP:  54
  • Main Motor:  2x 4kW 
  • Suggested Environment Temperature:  32—122°F
  • Max Noise:  70dB
  • Oil Capacity:  2x 1.3gal
  • Max Pressure:  4452.7psi
  • Machine Dimensions:  184" x 100" x 101"
  • Machine Weight:  18,519lbs
  • Fastest hydraulic press brake on the market at 0.78in/sec
  • Most accurate press brake on the market at +/- 0.003"
  • Low Energy Consumption:  65% energy consumption reduction (on average)
  • Highest bending efficiency is achieved as no pressure is lost through proportional valves
  • Easy Maintenance: Y1, Y2 axes have stand-alone oil tanks
  • Quietest press brake in its class (63db)
  • 3x System and Pump lifespan due to high-quality components and smart running technology
  • 5 Year Oil Lifespan
  • Pumping system does not run when the machine is idle, keeping oil temperature low
  • Flawless bending for small parts at different points
  • Oil usage reduced by 95% in comparison to standard hydraulic pressbrakes of the same spec
  • Delem 66T Standard Controller
  • Windows operating system
  • 3D simulation of applications before bending
  • Standard onboard network connection
  • 4 Mb memory product team
  • Up to 7-digit programming capacity
  • Max. repetition of 9999 program
  • 17” high-definition LCD color screen
  • Max. 25 steps in a program (sequence)
  • Max. 99 steps repeatability
  • Standard / metric unit conversion
  • Extra USB keyboard and USB mouse connection
  • Error messages
  • Machine time and stroke counter
  • Tandem capabilities
  • Delem modular compatibility
  • Motorised front support system
  • Laser angle measurement
  • Dynamic crowning
  • No proportional valve
  • No hydraulic pipeline system
  • No oil leakage
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