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NEW Swing Beam Shear

Ermak HGD

Ermaks USA's HGD is a hydraulic swing beam metal cutting shear, designed by the leaders in metal fabrication machinery to handle high-quality metal sheets up to 20mm thick with up to 67 tons of pressure. The HGD has a customizable throat depth and a strong monoblock steel-weld construction frame, giving you a clean cut on even heavy duty materials for years to come.


Plus, like all of Ermak USA's machines, the HGD is highly customizable to ensure that you get the perfect machine for you and your business.

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  • Cutting Length:  3100—4100mm
  • Cutting Capacity (42kg/mm²):  6—20mm
  • Cutting Capacity (70kg/mm²):  4—13mm
  • Cutting Angle:  1.5—2.5°
  • Stroke Per Minute:  7—16/min
  • Number of Hold Downs:  14 / 18
  • Pressure:  12—67T
  • Main Motor:  11—37kW
  • Back Gague Motor:  0.75—1.1kW
  • Back Gague Stroke:  1000mm
  • Oil Capacity:  150—500l
  • Blade Gap Adjustment:  0.05—2.3mm
  • Back Gague Speed:  110mm/sec
  • Sheet Support Arms:  2 / 3
  • Table Length:  3430—4690mm
  • Table Height:  900—1000mm
  • Throat Depth:  350mm
  • Machine Dimensions:  2315mm x 2100mm x 3925mm—2670mm x 2600mm x 5250mm
  • Machine Weight:  7,300—27,750kg
  • Hardened Blades:
          - Top Blades: 2 sides
          - Bottom Blades: 4 sides
  • CYBELEC CYBTOUCH 6 controller
  • 350mm throat depth
  • 1000mm motorized backgauge system with 0.1mm accuracy
  • 1000mm side gauge and front support arms
  • Standard / metric rulers
  • Front, side, and back safety panels
  • Sheet sliding system
  • SIEMENS electrical system
  • HOERBIGER hydraulic system
  • Holder springs
  • Moveable foot pedal
  • Manual blade gap adjustment
  • Emergency stop button


Optional Features:

  • Special throat depth
  • Front angle gauge
  • Custome length side gauge and front support arms
  • Sheet conveyor and stacking system
  • Frontgauge X1, X2 axes
  • Backgauge X3, X4 axes
  • Optional backgauge stroke
  • Sheet support system for thin sheets
           - Pneumatic support system (Lever Type)
           - Pneumatic support system (Monoblock Panel Type)
  • CYBELEC DNC 61G controller upgrade
  • Hydraulic blade gap adjustment system
  • Hydraulic oil cooling and heating system
  • Optional solid table
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Increased stroke rate (per minute)
  • Light safety system for finger protection
  • Optional alternative colors
  • Coollant system or heater can be placed in electric panel during ambiant conditions
  • Double foot pedal
  • Electrical panel or controller can be placed on right side of the machine
  • Laser cutting line
  • Central lubrication system
Embedded thumbnail for Ermak HGD
Embedded thumbnail for Ermak HGD
Embedded thumbnail for Ermak HGD