Servo Motorized Electrical Press Brake

Ermaksan Green Press FX Servo Electric Press Brake

Makes bending by moving ram via synchronized 2 servo motors pulling belts on pulleys. Return of ram is by springs. There is no need for an hydraulic oil to operate the machine.

There is no any hydraulic system equipment such as hydraulic filters, sealings, etc. Thus the maintenance cost is very low comparatively. On the other hand there will be no any working environment pollution due to hydraulic leakages. FX Servo is Ermaksan’s green press by its silent working and low energy consumption.

Energy consumption is 50% lees compared to hydraulic press brakes. More accurate bending results are achieved due to equal bending force along the ram. Thus, there is no need for crowning. It is O type frame without throat depth which is more rigid and increasing bending accuracy.

Full length bendings can be done between side columns. There are no obstructions such as at hydraulic press brakes. Sliding front support arms assist the operator for easy handling of bending material. Flip stops in a T slot and mm/inch ruler on arms ease the measuring and positioning the sheets. The backgauge is 4 axes. X:800mm, R:250mm, Z1 and Z2 axes can gauge full length material.

All backgauge axes are servo motorized which provide fast and accurate positioning.



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  • Servo motorized electrical press brake
  • Average 50% energy saving
  • Silent working
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Standard machine sizes: 1600, 2100, 2600, 3100 mm
  • Standard machine Powers: 40, 65, 80, 100 ton
  • Machine stroke 300mm
  • Daylight 590mm
  • No need for crowning
  • No hydraulic oil
  • Standard 4 axes backgauge. X:800mm,
  • R:250mm, Z1, Z2
  • 3D color touch screen controller
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly controller panel
  • Electrical panel appropriate to CE norms equipped with SIEMENS electric and automation products
  • WILA NSCL-I-MC/UPB mechanical top tool clamping system
  • WILA OB-I-MC-TY/UPB mechanical bottom tool clamping system
  • LEUZE MLC 100 front safety system
  • Rear sliding guard + switch safety system
  • Side guard + switch safety system
  • Sliding front support arms with T slot and mm/inch ruler
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