FPSC Fiessler Programmable Safety Center

FPSC Fiessler Programmable Safety Center

The FPSC Fiessler Programmable Safety Center is a programmable electronic safety controller for personal protection, i.e. for safety functions. The FPSC control complies with the highest safety requirements:

  • SK1 up to SK4 according to EN 954-1
  • SIL 1 up to SIL 3 according to EN IEC 61508
  • PL a up to PL e according to prEN 13849-1

The product family FPSC provides maximum flexibility within its hardware and software structure. The FPSC – AD version offers the possibility to connect decentralized I/O modules via the implemented safe bus system. This guarantees a modular system design that offers flexibility therefore reducing the costly and often elaborate configuration of the safe system bus.

The safety-related functions are programmable by using pre-assembled and tested software modules. The chaining is made by simple assignment of input , i.e. output addresses. Intermediate data are stored in the temporary storage. There are various ready-to-use software modules at your disposal.

For the communication with a superior control, i.e. for the operating sequence control or technology control, a serial interface is provided. The transfer of data for visualizing as well as the transfer of machine-relevant data can be realized via this interface The simple snap-on mechanism for fastening the items on a top hat rail in the control cabinet considerably reduces the installation expenditure of the items of the product family.



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