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NEW Non-Ferrous Saw

HydMech PNF350-2S

HydMech's PNF350-2S semi-automatic non-ferrous pivot arm cold saws deliver clean, straight, accurate cuts for all your metal applications.  Ideal for use in small job shops, the PNF350-2S is compact and portable and features a 4 3/4″ round hollow capacity at 90°, 3HP motor, a 14″ blade, and the ability to miter from 45° left to 45° right.  Plus, HydMech premium quality rigid HSS and Carbide circular blades provide some of the best cuts in the industry. The PNF350-2S is the ideal choice for quick, clean, accurate metal cutting.


(Manual and Full Automatic models available.)

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MITERING Left   45°
Right   45°

rectangular, at 90°

Height   2 3/4"
Width   7"


MOTOR   2.5 HP
3 HP
OPERATION   Semi-Automatic


  • Semi-Automatic Operation Operation
  • Pneumatic operating vertical vise
  • 14" blade
  • Cut up to 7" x 2 3/4" rectangula material
  • 2 Blade Speeds:  1700RPM / 3400RPM
  • Miters 45° left and 45° right
  • 45° tilting saw head for compound miters
  • Automatic mist coolant system