Lantek Flex3d | NEW 3D Bending & Cutting Software

NEW 3D Bending & Cutting Software

Lantek Flex3d

Lantek Flex3d is the most flexible 3D CAD/CAM software available. Totally engineered for automated CNC programming of 3D tubes, pipes, beams, profiles, and sheet metal, Lantek Flex3d provides the most advanced nesting algorithms and machining strategies on the market.


The Flex3d line of software consists of 5 unique programs...

  • Lantek Flex3d: Steelwork — for designing, nesting and cutting parts of standard structural steel beams & profiles

  • Lantek Flex3d: Tubes — for designing, nesting and cutting parts of tubes and pipes

  • Lantek Flex3d: 5x — for automatic programming of five-axis machine tools for laser and water-jet cutting machines

  • Lantek Flex3d: Unforlding — enables 3D design of folded sheet metal parts and generates their subsequent automatic unfolded design

  • Lantek Flex3d: CAD Addins — allows any CAD design made for sheet metal parts to be automatically unfolded and loaded into Lantek Expert. It is seamlessly integrated with SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, Autodesk Inventor® and other CAD modelling systems you can pick and choose which are best for you, or utilize them all as a single, powerful platform.


Plus, Lantek Flex3d has been designed to work perfectly with your existing software and machines, so you can only update what you want. 


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  • 2D & 3D design
  • CNC profile programming
  • Integration with third party structural design software
  • ERP capabilities to control costs and optimize return on investment
  • Database technology eliminates the need for the user to continuously duplicate the entry of information to create a beam or tube section
  • Easily integrates with Lantek Manager and Lantek Integra Management Software Systems (MES/ERP) 


  • Integrates with various kinds of tubular geometry importers such as SAT and IGES
  • Provides a real vision of the expected result on the screen
  • Displays the exact tube and simulates 3D and each process, thus reducing errors
  • Allows for easy manipulation and editing of the design with zoom, view, and rotation controls
  • Offers the user the ability to create standard tubes based on requirements
  • Allows the user to design tube types adapted to their needs from 2D outlines, in addition to cylindrical, rectangular, and triangular tubes
  • Allows for the design or import of desired geometry to create any type of cutout or trim with 2D design options
  • Offers a dynamic coordinate system tool, which is specific for tubes, and offers various options to configure the coordinate system



  • Solids and surfaces supported formats: SAT, IGES, VDA, STEP, Parasolid, CATIA, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor, NX and ProE (Creo Elements)
  • May share a common database for machines and materials with Lantek Expert
  • Automatic detection of the part cutting contour and thickness
  • Multiple options to place the part on the machine table
  • Different cutting qualities can be set by contour or by portion within the same contour
  • Multiple possibilities to change head position in each point
  • Lead-ins, lead-outs and micro-joints/tabs
  • Rapid movements automatically or manually adjusted
  • Simulation of complete working environment: part, table, fixtures, head, etc.
  • Collision check and automatic avoidance of collisions



  • Dynamic coordinate system specifically for boxes
  • Real viewing of the part
  • Powerful 2D design module
  • Automatic unfolding. Possibility of unfolding (transfer from 3D to 2D geometry) in DXF or Lantek’s own data format used within Lantek Expert
  • Creation of the base face from 2D geometry or parameters introduced by the user
  • Parametric addition of any type of face to the base face:
         - Individual offsets at both ends of the added face

           - Chamfers at each end of the added face
         - Corner radii for each one of the faces
         - Different angle input for each one of the faces
         - Multiple options for dimensioning the faces
         - Face types which grow outwards, inwards or exactly to the edge
         - Automatic rectangular or semi-circular cutaways
  • Creation of faces at 0º and 180º
  • Creation of multiple faces from one profile



  • Parts and assemblies directly transferred to the Lantek Manager and Lantek Integra management systems for integrated manufacturing and management processes
  • Compliments SolidWorks®, Solid Edge® , and Autodesk Inventor® systems