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Lantek Workshop

Lantek Workshop is the production management software for companies looking to acquire a complete and competitive solution to manage and optimize their manufacturing processes. It allows for real time management of all the different activities taking place in the workshop from a single, centralized platform, made up of 3 unique programs:

  • Lantek Workshop: Manager - a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that directs the execution of all manufacturing processes in the workshop, from launching work orders to production plant to finishing the product

  • Lantek Workshop: Wos provides all necessary tools required to collect the data involved in the production process of metal companies in the machine operator workstation

  • Lantek Workshop: Capture - provides data input capabilities in the shop floor you can pick and choose which are best for you, or utilize them all as a single, powerful platform.


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  • Monitoring of Manufacturing Process — Lantek Workshop Manager has advanced functions for grouping parts according to different criteria, such as: machine, material, thickness, delivery date, sales order, customer, etc. Users can check, in real time, the status of the manufacturing product and discover whether it is in stand-by, nesting, under production, or finished, helping to optimize production time.
  • Times & Costs Optimization — Utilizing user-defined manufacturing requirements and machine load, Lantek Workshop Manager is able to prioritize and optimize order launches and generation of different CAD/CAM jobs.
  • Workshop Management — Lantek Workshop Manager allows users to easily monitor their volume of work, manage completed operations, and optimize resources (such as employees, machines, and sub-contracting centers). Users can also reserve materials for or give priority to specific jobs. Lantek Manager connects with third party workshop data solutions and allows the logging of times and material consumption for each nest and production process, keeping all your information as up-to-the-minute as your processes.
  • Products History & Analysis — Lantek Workshop Manager performs detailed comparisons between estimated and actual costs for manufacturing orders, and then allows specific evaluation of those orders and their associated products. Users can easily enter and update costs data and utilize Lantek Manager’s powerful business analytics tools to continually improve production times and methods. It also contains an advanced sales manufacturing history record management.


  • Easy to Use — The main goal of Lantek Wos is to provide a simple, efficient solution for workshop data input. Lantek Wos can be installed on any PC and allows users to communicate from remote locations with simple, user-friendly screens and minimal need for data entry, so no prior experience is necessary.
  • Monitoring and Validation of the Manufacturing Process — Designed for integration with Lantek ExpertLantek Workshop Manager, and Lantek Integra, Lantek Workshop Wos allows users to specify which work center or machine will carry out each job and to monitor nesting and verify production orders in real time.
  • Warehouse Management — Lantek Workshop Wos allows users to select specific sheets used to cut and retain traceability. The system automatically updates the warehouse, registers the sheet, and removes it from inventory. Parts and remnants are registered and accounted for, also. Parts that have been lost during the production process can be registered to help manage processing and quality control.
  • Productivity Increase — Lantek Workshop Wos registers and updates all data in real time, decreasing paper usage and making the system an essential decision-making tool. Lantek Workshop Wos helps optimize productivity and reduce manufacturing costs.
  • 2D nest design
  • A status list of pending nests
  • The ability to re-order the sequence of jobs
  • The ability to change the machine tool
  • Turret configuration (for punching machines)
  • Numerical control (CNC) of the nests
  • Parts data review
  • Users may check each of the parts that comprise the nest and their quantity, length, height, related order, etc.
  • Process and machine times
  • Graphic and intuitive displays of operations and nests status



  • Connectivity — Lantek Workshop Capture is compatible with various Windows platform-based operating systems and allows users input and/or validate operations from anywhere by connecting to the server from a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.).
  • Decision-Making — Lantek Workshop Capture is designed as a tool to help you make the best decisions for your business. The user-friendly, simple interface ensures factory floor data is registered correctly during production, helping to eliminate transcription errors and keep things running smoothly. Information is sent to the manager as soon as it is produced and data is updated in real time. The software also allows operators to halt operations or identify deviations as soon as they occur, allowing problems to be identified and solved much more quickly. All processes carried out in the factory are monitored and a comprehensive record is kept of everything that occurs in the workshop.
  • Compatibility — Lantek Workshop Capture is fully integrated with Lantek Integra, allowing workshop-related data and information to be received in real-time and in an easy, flexible way, including via mobile devices.