OTC-Daihen - ECO-ARC 200 / ECO-ARC 200L - Stationary Arc Welding Robot Arm Work Table and Cell

NEW Robotic Weld Cell

OTC-Daihen Dual Station Robotic Weld Cell

The OTC-Daihen ECO-ARC robotic weld cells are the simplest solution for welding small parts.  Period.

The ECO-ARC are dual-station positioning cells designed for welding small and medium parts with the simplest operator intervention.  Each station on the ECO-ARC 200 model features large 24" x 32" tables with a 2,000 lbs payload capacity. The ECO-ARC 200L model allows welding of larger parts, made possible from 36" x 48" table with 2,000 lbs payload capacity. While the operator prepares the next workpiece, the robot welds on the opposite side. Plus, the ECO-ARC's has a new compact design, which makes it ideal for busy shops with small-to-medium-volume production schedules. 

All ECO-ARC weld cells are shipped pre-assembled, so you don't have to worry about the hassle of a prolonged and involved installtion. It's quick and simple.  You can have your new weld cell out of the box and ready for used in just a few hours.



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    ECO-ARC 200 ECO-ARC 200L
  2 2



23.6" x 31.5" (x2)

36" x 48" (x2)
PAYLOAD CAPCITY   2,200 lbs 2,200 lbs
robot & system
  3 Phase
3 Phase
dry air
  70—145 PSI 70—145 PSI

86.4" x 84.6" x 135"

84.2" x 86.6" x 134.6"

133.6" x 84.6" x 160"

129.7" x 86.6" x 146.7"


  • Offers a wide working range with indipendently articulated arm
  • Seamless digital connection with all OTC-Daihen brand welding power supplies
  • Superior vibration restraining control provides smooth robot movement
  • Built-in mechanical shock sensor
  • All components manufactured by OTC-Daihen
  • Highly versatile design supports most welding applications



  • Windows XP based open architecture
  • Large memory capacity and 40 input / 40 output control signals
  • Advanced PLC functions allowe for ladder diagram editing directly through teach pendant
  • Connects to Ethernet, DeviceNet, and PROFIBUS connections (may require additional hardware)
  • Improved specification for severe condition such as high-humidity and high-temperature



  • Icon displays assist in quick & easy teaching
  • 640 x 480 VGA color screen with LED backlight 65536 color display
  • 3-position enable switch provides increased safety
  • Multi-screen help function with complete instruction manuals
  • Standard touch screen display with jog dial operation


  • Both robot and robot control meet cUL safety requirements
  • Hard shutter tied with safety circuit restricts / protects operator from access to robot arm and arc flash during equipment operation
  • Zone ring provides allows monitoring of position of robot to provide safe access while loading / unloading parts
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