NEW PC800 CNC Control Retrofit

NEW CNC Control Retrofit


Why Upgrade to a PC800?


The PC800 Control provides major improvement in equipment reliability when compared to proprietary controls.  All the components in the PC800 Control are off-the-shelf and available from multiple sources at a fraction of the cost of proprietary parts.  Yearly costs of internal downtime and repair of older, proprietary controls can run as high as 20x that of the PC800.  This means that not only is the PC800 an overal improvement of your machine, it's an overall improvement of your business model.


The PC800 Controller is available for:

  • Turret Punches
  • Single Punches
  • Press Brakes
  • Shears


The PC800 provides all the processing power and capability of the Personal Computer to drive your machine tool.  It significantly increases machine speeds and provides major time saving in both operation and maintenance.  That means lower programming costs, lower direct labor production costs, and faster through-put of parts for you.


The PC-Based control of the PC800 provides faster processing speeds, greater Random Access Memory (RAM), a large hard-drive capacity, Ethernet connectivity, parameter adjustment, and compensation, all to make your machine tool run faster and more reliably at lower costs.

Connectivity, Flexibility, and Integration

The open architecture of the PC800 allows virtually unlimited connection to I/O and data networks.  The PC800 built-in Ethernet connection allows you to connect your machine tool directly into your company computer network just as you would with any other PC.  Our PC-based control allows seamless integration between your machine tool and other hardware and software running on your company's computer network, too.  The integreation process will be just as efficient as the controller itself.


Because of the pure PC-Based architecture of the PC800, future upgrades are as simple as upgrading your personal computer.  Upgrades can be handled internally by your own information systems department and will not require the additional cost, scheduling, or downtime that accompanies outside control upgrades.



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Available for:

  • Turret Punches
  • Single Punches
  • Press Brakes
  • Shears

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