PowerBend PRO 4 Axes CNC Press Brake with Knee Gap & Seater

A perfect solution which gives cost and work area advantages to customers whom work with thin and small parts up to 1.27 m. Its ergonomic design by knee-gap, seater, work-desk and height adjustable CNC pendant arm provides comfortable working environment to the operators.

Focused on productivity and keeping costs at a minimum, the new Power-Bend Pro 4 Axes CNC Press Brake with Knee Gap & Seater comes standard equipped with:

  • Low hydraulic maintenance cost
  • High bending, return, and free-fall speeds
  • 4-Axes (Y1, Y2, X, R)
  • Standard manual crowning
  • CYEBEL Modeva 15-T Controller

The new Power-Bend Pro is ideal for most high-speed bending applications, whether they're complicated, sensitive, single, or multiple. Plus, as with all of Ermak's machines, the Power-Bend Pro is highly customizable to ensure that you get the right machine for you and your business. Need financing? Calculate your monthly payment.




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4 Axes Press Brake
Bending Length 1270 mm 
Bending Power 40 Ton
Distance Between Housings 1050 mm
Return Back Speed 170 mm/sec 
Oil Capacity 80 Lt
Motor Power 5.5 kW
Stroke (Y1, Y2) 170 mm
Daylight 387 mm
Throat Depth 350 mm
Machine Dimensions
(L x H x W)
2.15x1.65x2.30 m
Machine Weight

3050 kg

Cybelec Modeva-15T Controller:


Easy Operating 

Its large 15” color Touch Screen makes the programming even more efficient and intuitive. Complete programming of a part on a single page. Quick set-up of the machine thanks to direct access to set-up.


Better Bending 

The numerical control comes with off-line PC-ModEva 3D software to prepare production programs and check the feasibility of parts on a desktop computer. Very simple and convenient data transfer from most CAD/CAM systems by CYCAD incl. DXF import. Higher productivity thanks to easy and rapid modifications of existing products and fully featured correction page. Display of error and warning messages on the console screen.



Multi-simulation capability. Simulation criteria for better sheet management. Windows XPe for multitasking and file management. EC safety-cycle management. Ethernet for Easy communication.

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