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Precitec ProCutter

Introducing the new generation of the Precitec ProCutter Cutting Head. The ProCutter offers a complete solution for laser-based fusion cutting of thin and medium material thickness. The main change in the new ProCutter has been done in optics movement. Previously in HPSSL and HPSSL+, the collimation lens was fixed and the focusing lens was adjustable. Now the focusing lens is fixed and collimation lens is used for focus point determination. By this solution, the cutting head's general size has been decreased and the weight has been reduced 500gr. With the 150mm focusing lens configuration, the lowerst protective window has been moved 80mm away from the process, so the protective window contamination possibility because of the process has been dropped down.

In addition, the protective window design has been changed. Operators are now able to change the protective window without using any tools. Changing the protective window as quickly as possible will give us the ability to protect the cutting head depending upon air contamination.


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1. Protective window for process

2. Focusing lens
3. Collimator lens
4. Collimator protective window
5. QBH colling connector
6. QBH connector
7. Cutting gas input
8. BNC connector
9. Motor and sensors connector
10. Sensor insert
11. LED for sensors
12. Ceramic holder
13. Nut
14. Nozzle

ProCutter ZOOM option – end of Q4/ 2015



1. Maximum 4 kW
2. Starting from 150mm collimation lens configuration 1.25 /1.5 /1.75 /
2 /2.25/ 2.5 optical magnifigation options in one cutting head.
3. Ability to change optical position.
4. Ability to change collimated beam diameter.


Sensors in Procutter


1. Collimator lens contamination sensor
2. Focusing lens contamination sensor
3. Protective window contamination sensor
4. Scattered laser light sensor
5. Cutting head general heat sensor
6. Sensor insert heat sensor
7. Back pressure sensor
8. Online cutting gas pressure sensor


Additional led indicators in front of the cutting head provides information about the optics,
temperature and pressure.


1. Focal plane
2. Temperature (head, collimation lens, focussing lens)
3. Pressure (cutting gas, purge gas)
4. Protective window (presence and contamination)


Additional bluetooth interface provides online information about the cutting head. Program
can be used in Android and in IOS.


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