Press Brake safety light curtains

Press Brake Safety Light Curtains

Safety Light Curtains can help prevent pinching body parts between the metal sheet and the tools of a press brake or punch press when not working close to the tooling. Tremendously effective at zone danger isolation.

Standard light curtains

While the AKAS system can meet the majority of safety applications for press brakes, it is not always the answer. For those applications which fall outside the AKAS “area of expertise” Fiessler offers a fine line of traditional light curtains.

Additionally, Fiessler offers cascading light guards for the protection of punch presses, shears and rear entries of press brakes and punch presses.


The BLVT light curtain prevents the pinching of a part of the body between the tools of a press brake and the inserted metal sheet. The transmitter and receiver of the safety light curtain generate a protecting field that is located at least 10mm in front of the bending level. Eleven (11) different easy to program blanking functions allow the use of the flat sheet metal work pieces moving within the protective field without causing any unwanted machine stoppage.



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