Press Brake Safety System

Press Brake Safety System

The Fiessler AKAS® IIF Press Brake Safety System is the most sophisticated press brake point of operation safeguarding retrofit available on this planet and was designed to keep your operators safe even working close to the tooling. Fingers, hands, arms and other appendages can be easily injured or lost due to unsafe press brake operation. Utilizing the latest in laser grid sensing technology and positive force circuit control, the AKAS® IIF allows the smallest parts to be handled safely with no significant impact to production. It’s affordable safety that’s constantly on guard and that you can hardly afford to be without.

Change over from one punch size to another creates virtually no down time due to the exclusive patented AKAS® automated “smart sense” self-aligning feature. This speedy automated alignment saves our customers hours of labor now spent more productively. The competitor’s alignment methods require more time and patience to make similar tooling height adjustments by hand.  Watch the short video on the home page to understand the safety benefits intelligent control provides workers without interfering with production. See for yourself how this one benefit may make the difference in how much more work you can get done.

  • Innovative tooling grid guarding pattern
  • Completely foot peddle controlled operation
  • UL approved
  • CE certified
  • Innovative safety technology
  • automated tooling calibration
  • box-shaped part bending feature
  • Type 4 patented process control

To date more than 25,000 AKAS® laser safety systems have been sold worldwide as customers demand the Fiessler brand, known for both performance and reliability.  This makes the AKAS® laser  guarding system the most popular retrofit product of this nature available today.



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Bending a box without eliminating or reducing the effectiveness of the safety system.



The exclusive box bending feature benefits operators when making complex parts yet system safety is maintained and die zone guarding is not compromised. The optical safety light grid pattern of the AKAS® is located at the punch tip and another nearby beam work together to prevent the trapping of a part of the body between the moving ram and fixed tools.

Both the transmitter and receiver are fixed to opposite sides of the ram allowing the laser to naturally follow the upper forming tool. Therefore, the hands remain free for handling the slug during operation under continuous protection of the extremities during the whole bending process.


This will not interfere with the operating rhythm.

AKAS-LC Press Brake Optical Safety Light Grid



The safety laser beams are directed across the length of the punch. Box-shaped parts and smallest workpieces can be hand-held during the bending process when the box bending feature is turned on.

Press Brake Safety Laser Beams


Tool Change Over

System for using tools of equal tool heights.

Press Brake Light Laser Safety Tool Change OVer

The case-bending function provides bending of box-shaped items without stopping the bending procedure.

Press Brake Safety Bending Box No Stop