RAS powercut shear

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear



Do you often find burrs on the cut pieces, because you forgot to adjust the blade clearance properly? Are you often miffed at twisted small parts and too big remnant parts? Do you often walk around your existing machine to collect semi-finished parts and have to bring them back to the front of the shear? Do you often miss the backgauge as the light gauge material hangs down behind the blade? Do you have to handle most workpieces again after cutting for sorting them according to size and for separating scrap? If you are fighting these problems, RAS offers you the perfect solution. The RAS POWERcut swing beam shear: powerful, easy-to-use, accurate.

Using the swing beam technology the upper blade swings down in an arcing movement and contacts the workpiece from above. As it does so, the backstop opens and does not press the part against the lower blade. That assures lifetime accuracy of the machine. It also means, that you don‘t have to change or sharpen blades as often, keeping your shop producing parts with less downtime. The extremely low rake angle contributes to a twist free cutting even on small strips. This result is based on the very rigid construction, the powerful drive motor and maintenance-free roller bearings.



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Side and front beveled shear tables allow for easy material handling. The extremely wide squaring arm and the table extension offer a large surface support, keeping material from hanging down and maintain a safe working area for the operator. The finger protection has deep finger pockets and offers maximum safety, allows for optimum use of the material and gives the operator maximum viewing to the cutting line. 




A brushless servo drive with clearance-free ball screw-spindle and linear guiding systems with anti-friction bearings positions the CNC backstop quick and accurate. The swing beam can be released automatically with the optional contact stops in the backstop. It starts moving as soon as the material touches two of the sensor.




You can move the CNC along the front of the machine for optimum access and visibility. The graphic screen shows five program lines at a time and offers a perfect overview about the program cycle.




Precision and burr free cuts require an adjustment of the blade clearance. The CNC calculates the clearance from the material thickness and the hardness of the material. When the operator starts a program, the machine first sets the cutting gap and then allows starting the program.




Trim cuts can be separated into the solid and spacious scrap container during the cutting cycle. It can be pulled out of the machine to the left, the right or to the rear of the machine and can be transported by a forklift or a crane. For unloading, a panel can be easily removed to allow the scrap to be removed.




Unscrew and slide out dull blades through the side free space. After sharpening the blades will be easily screwed on. Since a crown is machined into the beam, no blade shimming is required. You are back to production after only a short interruption.

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