NEW Roundo PSE 3-Roll Plate Roll | PSE 110-2

NEW 3-Roll Plate Roll

Roundo PSE

ROUNDO PSE plate rolls are the most versatile, yet cost-effective bending rolls available today.

Like all ROUNDO machines, the ROUNDO PSE is a more powerful and heavily proportioned in terms of frame, roll size, bearings and drive torque. The result is a higher reliability, higher precision, and longer service life. The pinch/pyramid design provides excellent prebending capabilities for both ends of the plate, without the need to remove, turn, and re-insert the plate. By positioning the rolls in the pyramid (symmetric) configuration, maximum bending capacity can be obtained, as well as maximum cone bending capabilities. The ROUNDO PSE rolls provide a large opening between the upper and the lower rolls. 

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  • Hydraulic infinitely variable drive on all three rolls via low speed hydraulic motor

  • Slip clutch for the top roll, compensating for the difference in surface speed between the inner and outer circumference of the plate

  • Hydraulic infinitely variable adjustment of the two lower rolls

  • Parallel adjustment of the lower rolls via hand levers (PSE 150 and PSE 185)

  • Alignment grooves in the two lower rolls (not valid for hardened rolls)

  • SKF spherical roller bearings in all journals

  • Hydraulic operation of the drop end

  • Permanent balanced top roll when operating the drop end

  • Control panel fixed mounted on the motor frame

  • Complete electric equipment incl. two emergency stops. One on each end of the machine.



  • Cone bending device

  • Hardened and ground rolls

  • RLC control system

  • Hydraulic tiltable top roll (PSE 110 only)

  • Digital readouts

  • Wire cable operated emergency stop

  • Double control with fixed mounted control panel on both sides of the motor frame 

Embedded thumbnail for Roundo PSE
Embedded thumbnail for Roundo PSE
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