model cm 400

Standard Industrial Model CM

The model CM straight side press is perfect for full length forming at full tonnage as well as left to right and off-center loading at full tonnage via our extremely heavy duty gibbing system and enclosed end frame design. The model CM also allows full front to back off-center loading the entire width of the press bed. No other design of press will give you more tonnage over the bed area.


The model CM straight side press is a more traditional style of straight side with much more left to right bed and ram area than the smaller bed DCSS presses. The CM is able to hold tolerance left to right much better than a direct hydraulic design due to its bellcrank linkage that gives the press full tonnage from one end of the press to the other.

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Model CM Standard Features


  • 100% Made In the United States of America
  • All Components Readily Available From Your Local Suppliers
  • Hydraulic Oil cooler (fan radiator type)
  • Two hand controls for operator safety
  • ANSI B11.2 standards
  • Magnetic starter with over and under voltage protection with disconnect switch
  • JIC type electrical components in NEMA 12 enclosures
  • 120 volt control circuit and 230-3-60 or 460-3-60 electrics through 40 h.p., for 50 h.p. and above 460 v. is standard
  • Counterbalance valve & Decompression system for punching/bottoming
  • Dependable Support from the people who make the machine
  • Typical 20-30 Year Lifetime
  • Hydraulic Tonnage Control
  • Full Tonnage throughout Stroke
  • (2) 5/8" t-slots in the bed and (2) 5/8" t-slots in the ram
  • 5 Year Parts Warranty
  • 5 Year Limited Onsite Labor Warranty
  • Lifetime telephone support at no charge
  • Front to back and left to right off-center loading capability via extremely heavy duty gibbing system and enclosed end frame design
  • All steel, extremely heavy duty construction
  • All electrics and hydraulics including oil filter are included as standard
  • Simple mechanical limit switches to control open height, speed change point and lower limit actuated by 2 hand palm button control.