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ProNest allows you to add SOLIDWORKS profile and assembly files (.sldprtor .sldasm) directly into the nesting window. ProNest will then open SOLIDWORKS and import the defined geometry, including any bevels, based on the profile’s model view. (A SOLIDWORKS license must reside on the same PC running ProNest.) Simply nest the imported parts as normal and output NC code to the cutting machine. ProNest is brought to you by Hypertherm, the cutting experts with 50 years of experience and over 120 cutting technology related patents to their name. Across the globe, Hypertherm products are known for quality, consistency, and reliability. ProNest is the only software that provides full support for Hypertherm’s SureCut technologies including True Hole and Rapid Part, which are delivered automatically without operator intervention, and True Bevel which greatly reduces bevel set up time.

  • The Variable Shape Profiles feature offers an easy way to create commonly used geometric profiles within ProNest, without the need of a CAD file
  • The Advanced Edit feature provides an interface that allows for the editing of profiles
  • The Cut Sequence feature allows automatic, semi-automatic, and manual control over the cutting order of all nested profiles
  • The Interior/Exterior Leads feature offers a flexible and powerful means of automatically assigning internal and external leads to all profiles
  • The Process Parameter feature provides the necessary functionality to achieve unsurpassed control over the cutting process
  • The Cutting Techniques feature facilitates the ability to control ramping (up/down) requirements for corners and radii
  • The Costing feature offers the ability to accurately develop cost and time estimates related to profiles, nests, or jobs
  • The Reporting feature offers the ability to create fast, detailed reports about the job, a specific nest, cut sequence, inventory, etc.
  • The CNC Output feature converts nested data to various machine code formats for export to different CNC controls and machines