Robotic Automation-Integration

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CNC Solutions

CNC Solutions is Mac-Tech’s partner for designing, building and implementing a fully integrated turnkey robot system for practically any robotic automation systems application.


Automating and integrating manufacturing systems is all about adding value to your organization and profit to your bottom line.

Production up-times, increased reliability, and improved consistency are the results that advanced industrial automation will provide!

Enhance quality by minimizing product damage and potential injuries.

Advanced industrial automation we excel at includes:

  • Assembly
  • Test equipment
  • Material handling
  • Parts loading/unloading
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic work holding (clamping)
  • Inspection application (vision, hard gauging)
  • Integrated electrical & mechanical interfaces
  • Machine control system (design & build)
  • Factory control system (design & build)
  • Turnkey design build services