Safety Tips to Consider When Using Sheet Metal Shears

Safety Tips to Consider When Using Sheet Metal Shears

Safety Tips to Consider When Using Sheet Metal Shears

Shears are an invaluable tool in the metalworking industry. These devices allow workers to cut through hard materials without having to use lasers or other high-tech equipment. Though shears aren’t as evolved as other tools like plasma cutters, they still pose a danger to employees if misused. This article will explain safety tips to consider when using sheet metal shears.


Managers should teach their workforce how to handle every piece of equipment. This rule applies to metal shears as well. The number one thing shop owners should show their personnel is how to hold metal shears. Workers must place their hands on the handle of the tool. People will get injured quickly if their hands are near the blade. The cut will also be uneven if the user’s hands aren’t at the base where they should be. Make sure everyone knows the right positioning to use when handling metal shears. Proper placement will reduce the likelihood of injuries and ensure that every cut is clean.

Personal Protective Equipment

Metal shears are incredibly sharp. Staff should always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while using these devices. Supervisors should give every team member a pair of durable gloves. Since metal fabrication shops utilize complex and dangerous tools, these gloves should be thick and made from high-quality material. Managers should also give workers protective goggles they can use while working. It’s an employer’s responsibility to ensure their staff is safe while they’re on the job. Leaders must provide top-of-the-line PPE before anyone handles heavy-duty machinery.

The Importance of the Workspace

Shop employees are at risk if they’re forced to work in a hazardous workspace. The workers themselves, along with their managers, should ensure the surrounding area is clean and bright before using metal shears. Workers could injure themselves severely if they trip over debris or can’t see what they’re doing. Consider investing in energy-efficient lightbulbs and post reminders about cleanliness around the shop so that people stay safe on the job. Also, employers should try their best to clear out highly congested areas. Think about creating a balanced flow within the shop so that there aren’t too many people in one spot at a time.

This article has overviewed safety tips to consider when using sheet metal shears. Every worker deserves to feel safe while they’re on the job. It’s an employer’s responsibility to accomplish this goal. Managers should invest in training programs so their employees know how to operate each device safely. After people use sheet metal shears, they typically move on to utilizing more complicated equipment, such as metal surface finishing machines. These devices are much more advanced than shears. Thus, personnel must be trained accordingly before attempting to use one. Their managers should guide them through the process so no injuries occur.

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