Metal Cutting Band Saw Machines

Metal cutting band saw machines will cut the brunt of materials in the neighborhood of 100 to 160 inches per minute. These machines shine the brightest when dimensioning standard-sized, straight-lined shapes where it’s possible to line up the cuts like a grid. Mac-Tech sells only the best band saw cutting machines on the market.

We’re proud to sell and service HYDMECH and BEHRINGER. These trusted brands bring you hydraulic metal cutting band saws with scissor, swing, or tilt action to meet your shop’s specific needs. The experts here at Mac-Tech are ready to help you determine which metal cutting band saw machines will work best in your shop, for the types of applications you need.

If you frequently cut sheet metal on a grid into smaller rectangular or square sections, you need a reliable, durable, and powerful band saw cutting machine. Improve efficiency and limit waste while your productivity goes up and your energy costs go down with new or pre-owned metal fabrication machines from Mac-Tech. Contact us today with your questions, and let us match you with the metal fabrication equipment you need to boost production while continuing to turn out high-quality work.


HYDMECH’s drive to manufacture quality sawing technology has never wavered. They pioneer innovations such as swing-head versatility on their scissors-style saws and consistently deliver the widest range of saws to a vast range of industries.


When making a metal bandsaw purchase decision, basic machine design and capability are factors that need to be considered along with material capacity, accuracy, finish and quantity. We are proud of the technical, quality and support advantages the Behringer line of saws provides.

Give us a call today to learn more about our selection of metal cutting band saw machines. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you.