The entire management staff here at ADA, would like to thank you and Mac-Tech for your quality customer service that you have shown during this purchase. You are showing us, exactly what we try to provide for our customer every day."


Jeff Baumann (ADA)

"This laser is cheaper to operate than my hot tub!"



- Owner (Container Service Group), on the Ermaksan Fibermak Gen 3.

"Great little machine!"


Jon Murphy (Operations Manager at H&H Trailers, LLC), describing the Ermak Power Bend Falcon

"Just wanted to thank you and Cole for doing a great job installing our shear blades yesterday.  I will keep Mac-Tech in mind on any future maintenance needs that I may have."


Jim Teska (QC Manager at Classic Sheet Metal)

"Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the quick response and repair to our machine .

We appreciate the fine service!! Machine is running great!"

Joe Krippelz Sr., President. Jake's Inc.

“We had talked about this technology in the past but, frankly, we were skeptical of its fit at CSG. Mac-Tech was competent and prompt with response times, qualities that meshed well with our own core business values. The high part accuracies we achieved with the Ermak press brakes also demonstrated to us Ermaksan’s ability to design and construct a precision machine frame with tier one components.”


- John Driscoll, Container Service Group

“Prior to the laser we fabricated all our components on the turret press or on manual machines. The operations required hours of cleanup. Punch-formed parts and louvers are reserved for our existing turret punches but the laser has taken on 90 percent of the workload with minimal cleanup. We’ve been able to reclaim that time and move our manpower from the hand labor it took to make and clean parts to assembly work instead. As a result we’ve increased output, stepped up assembly time and cut fabrication time by weeks for some components.”


- John Driscoll, Container Service Group

Met these guys by chance when the Local sales guy Dave Graff stopped by my metal fab shop (Liquid Metal Concepts) here in Phx Az . We got to talking and I could tell that no matter what equipment needs we had Mac Tech would be a good fit for us . I'm a realist and we are a mom and pop style shop ... so when the President of the company flew out to AZ to shake our hands and meet us face to face before we ever even talked about buying any equipment .. I knew that was the kind of stand up relationship I was after . 6 months later we have a new Fiber Laser sitting on our floor amd the service has been Just what we had hoped for . We haven't had the smoothest ride ... but sometimes that's the way it goes with equipment ... but what has been smooth is the way Mac Tech jumped in everytime and put my worries to rest .Taking care of whatever they needed to , to make us as a customer happy.. This day and age that's a dying legacy. We plan to buy more equipment for the shop and we will certainly be reaching out to what are now good friends of ours. The Mac Tech Team !

Preventative Maintenance


Mac-Tech, Inc. offers a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Package to keep your machines running smoothly for years to come.  The Preventative Maintenance Package includes:

  • Full machine inspection
          - Collection of Machine/Control make, model, & serial number
          - Check machine levels
          - Check machine for proper grounding
          - Check power connection
          - Check hydraulic lines
          - Check software for updates
          - Check ram bolts
          - Check scale bolts
          - Check all lubrication points
          - Run all-axis for 15min
          - Check repeatability
          - Check accuracy
          - Check functionality
          - Inspect light curtains (if applicable)
          - Check machine for structural damage
          - Inspect Inspect components, guards, bolts, etc. for visual damage
  • Full oil change
          - Drain & replace oil
          - Replace oil filters
          - Thorough tank cleaning
          - Inspect valves (can replace upon request for additional charge)
  • Wipe down machine
  • Clean all electrical cabinets
  • Lubricate crowning (if applicable)
  • Recommend repairs if necessary


***Oil and filters sold separately***


Every Preventative Maintenance Package is performed by one of our expert Mac-Tech field technicians and with the utmost professionalism and care for the customer.


For more information and pricing, call us at 888-MAC-9555 or fill out one of our Contact Forms.


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