SigmaNEST Laser Cutting Software

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Powered by the industry’s most advanced nesting algorithms, SigmaNEST laser cutting software drives nearly every type of cutting, punching, and bending machine. Business and design system integration, an intuitive user interface, and the best customer support in the business are all reasons why SigmaNEST is the industry-leading nesting software with over 21,000 systems installed worldwide.

SigmaNEST laser cutting software is meant to improve the flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of the manufacturing process. By using CAD/CAM nesting software, SigmaNEST aims to streamline all processes. For example, it’s never been easier to obtain uninterrupted production. SigmaNEST laser cutting software eliminates the possibility of duplicate work and collects the data that users need across the workplace. The software can also keep track of all orders so that managers aren’t disorganized or overwhelmed. The technology tracks the entire ordering process, from the time the order is placed to when it’s delivered. Below are additional features of SigmaNEST laser cutting software that people should know: 

  • Full suite of CAD tools for part creation
  • Part and assembly import from all major CAD systems
  • Quoting, tracking, and inventory tools for accurate, real-time updates
  • The best nesting algorithms in the industry
  • Automatic NC and toolpath application
  • Full NC simulation and G-code display