Star Lab Plasma Table

Mac-Tech | Star Lab 5X10


The Star Lab plasma table is known worldwide as the CNC plasma cutting table with the broadest metal thickness cutting capabilities. With its fast operating system, generous gantry clearance, and variable cutting speeds, this high-performance machine is a game-changer for metal fabrication shops with limited equipment budgets. Take a look at the rundown of features the Star Lab plasma table offers:

  • Ultra fast Linux operating system or Windows OS system options
  • Travels 61.5×121.5
  • Clearance from table to gantry approx. 8.00″
  • Choose cutting speed up to 1500ipm
  • Rapid travel 560ipm, 750ipm, 1100ipm or 2000ipm
  • Dual drive
  • Precision reduction units
  • Magnetic breakaway
  • Auto home/Auto square switches
  • Precision hardened and ground rail
  • With wipers (protectors)
  • Frame Powder coated OSHA safety blue
  • Precision and Fast Z axis ball screw drive
  • Complete system with controller PC (Mouse, monitor, keyboard)

Made in the USA.


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