Stefa Long Metal Folding Machine VH

Stefa long metal folding machines from Mac-Tech stand out for their precision, cost-effectiveness, and state-of-the-art versatility for easy operation. Using the unique bending beam technology, Mac-Tech’s long sheet metal folders produce a rotation against the material that is clamped by the beam. This allows for working with the most delicate of surfaces without damaging the product, as is typically the case with thinner (between 0.5 to 0.8mm) coated and lacquered material. Depending on the number of arms the Mac-Tech long folder can bend thick materials up to 3mm.

The Stefa long metal folding machine is perfect for 3m to 12mm in length—lengths that an ordinary press brake simply can’t handle. Stefa long sheet metal folding machines can achieve bends in long lengths without add-on equipment. And despite their ability to fold long workpieces, these steel folding machines have a small footprint, so they can fit in spaces a typical press brake can’t.

Production Speeds

With the Mac-Tech long sheet metal folder, tool configuration times are greatly reduced since there are no punches or dies, making it easy for the operator to start the machine and obtain an excellent finished product. These characteristics make this steel folding machine ideal to produce many profiles in small batches.

With the depth of work that this Stefa long sheet metal folding machine can achieve, doors open to handling much larger plates. Positioning becomes an uncomplicated task since the large part of the plate is supported on trays and “inside” the machine which frees up the operator and reduces fatigue.

Regardless of material thickness, radius, angle, or sheet quality, there is no need to pre-set tools in a folding machine. Non-use of tools avoids maintenance costs and the purchase of new ones. The geometry of the clamping beam allows you to perform rounds, hems, ‘tear droop’ hem, or open hem without the tooling costs.

2 Machines in 1

The Mac-Tech long sheet metal folder comes standard with an automated cutting sheer. The flexibility to cut the entire length of the machine with a single piece of equipment reduces your overall cost per part. The two laminar slitting disks allow for smooth and burr-free cuts every time.

Just In Time Manufacturing

Need to produce a part in a hurry? With the simple CNC controller, just draw your measurements and you are ready to start running the job. The machine automatically performs material development calculations, and the operator can begin prepping the next job.


As with any piece of equipment, operator safety is top of mind. The Stefa long sheet metal folding machine ensures that the operator is always alerted to any crushing or other injury risk, with automatic safety alerts: the machine does not allow automatic movements without the operator’s prior input.

Mac-Tech’s Stefa long metal folding machines redefine efficiency, precision, and safety in managing a wide range of materials. They offer unmatched versatility, accommodating various lengths and thicknesses with ease. The machines come equipped with unique features that ensure superior product quality, reduced tool maintenance costs, and enhanced operator safety. With this equipment, you’ll enjoy exceptional results with every workpiece.


  • Profile bend lengths of 4000mm to 12000 mm, up to 3mm material thickness
  • Rotational lower beam offering folding angles to 145°
  • Material backed gauge of 1070 mm stroke
  • 260 mm open height between top and bottom tools
  • Standard simple touch CNC control software is specifically designed for the long beam bending of cladding, roofing profiles, its easy to program and operate. Touch screen control makes your programs step-by-step allowing for simple repeatability
  • Clamping pressure in the standard simple touch controller has a double pressure switch which two defined pressures, 120 bar for normal operation, then 180 bar to close a hem (safe edge), or when folding any max thickness material
  • The longitudinal shear comes standing allowing you to make final trimming out of a folded sheet, up to 3 mm thick
  • Brushless motor for back gauge with encoder
  • Double switch foot pedal
  • Emergency stop “kick wire”
  • Safety operating speed 10 mm/sec


  • Command CNC EliteBender – Raise the bar to a higher level with Command CNC EliteBender software. Enable your operators to quickly program parts; simple to complex. Connect the controller to the web for remote assistance anywhere, anytime.
  • Safety Laser – Increase the speed of production with finger laser protection. The laser descends without requiring a safety stop.
  • Tapered and servomotor for back gauge – Produce conical profiles for gutters add a servo motor on each finger to make conical cuts. Increase speed with high precision servomotors.
  • Cutting Line LCA1,5 – Cut sheets up to 1500mm of width with the cut line. Automatic production by electronic positioner and encoder. Add slitting discs for longitudinal cutting and roller unit for pre-straitening of sheet metal.
  • Manual decoiler DC6 – Welded structure decoiler with 6 ton capacity. The decoiler can expand manually the mandrel and regulate speed with a brake.