T5-High-Speed Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Cut Tubes at High Speed

The chucks rotate and move at the speed of 120r/min and 120m/min respectively. With that, users will enjoy fast cutting, stable services and high production.

Tube Splicing Technology

The operating control offers 50+ kinds of tube splicing patterns, for convenience of subsequent welding, such as spicing of male and female head of square tube, 90° arc splicing of angle iron and channel steel, etc.

HSG-X Bus Control System

HSG-X control system is bus-based and developed by HSG Laser. With intelligent and easy-to-operate service, it can offer users effective solutions to address problems of difficult operation, low efficiency and high costs.

Automatic Unloading Device

Follow-up turning plate and concave wheel as unloading device are fit for unloading large tubes.


Digital Controlling Pneumatic Chucks

  • Wireless digital feedback, chucks combine with system to form closed-loop controlling
  • High clamping speed, accuracy, and working efficiency, low threshold pressure
  • Wireless monitoring of chucks, alarm for empty chucks, and high security for no collision between chucks and work-pieces
  • Pressure adjustments depending on different tube diameters and thickness
  • Intelligent chucks in full track without artificial adjustments and the load-bearing can achieve 200kg