The Benefits of Automated Deburring and Finishing

The Benefits of Automated Deburring and Finishing

The Benefits of Automated Deburring and Finishing

Metalworking is one of the most complex jobs out there. A fabricator can’t simply push a piece of sheet metal through a device and expect it to be cut perfectly. Sadly, that goal only exists in dreams. Instead, shop employees must ensure that every device is in working order before using it, be patient during operation to ensure their safety, and complete the cutting process by deburring the material. Luckily, automated metal deburring machines are available to those who want to make the process a little simpler. This piece will discuss the immeasurable benefits of automated deburring and finishing that every shop owner should know. With these devices’ help, perhaps the dream of a quick and precise cut can become a reality.

Increase Efficiency

In metal fabrication, time is money. Metalworking shops provide parts and services to many industries, including automotive, aerospace, and construction industries. Since their materials are in such high-demand, staff members must work as quickly as possible so that everyone gets the parts they need to complete a job. Automated deburring and finishing equipment helps make this a more attainable goal because it takes a massive burden off the workers themselves. Instead of trying to remove unwanted markings and scratches by hand, workers can use the tools to aid in the process.

Automated deburring and finishing machines can also help shops increase their overall production rate because fabricators won’t spend as much time on each project. In fact, the SBM-M B2 machine offered by Mac-Tech can save 60% of work time on a project. The ability to complete jobs faster opens up your production schedule for more jobs. Owners will see increased revenue and increases in daily production capacity with this machine. Business will be booming, so supervisors better be prepared to have their production schedules fill up quickly.

Saves Money

Running a business is expensive because there are so many hidden costs that owners often overlook. However, it’s important to be smart when finding areas to cut cost. Be careful when cutting costs that it’s not sacrificing in areas around safety and personal protection. Fab shops are like family; thus, the employees ought to be treated as such. Rather, management that is looking to reduce costs should consider investing in an automated machines that help streamline the production process reducing time per job which increases overall profitability.

Shop owners must see the long-term benefits of investing in a computerized finishing system instead of focusing on the initial cost. Although the devices are substantial investments in the short-term, supervisors will end up saving so much on labor costs in the end. Deburring a piece of sheet metal by hand is painstaking work, and it must be done right to give clients the best products possible. Systematizing the process saves a team so much trouble and puts more money in business owners’ pockets. Doesn’t that sound like an ideal situation?

Higher Quality

Those not familiar with metal fabrication don’t understand how precise of an art that it has to be. Afterall, engineering requires that every part, piece, bend, etc. has to fit precisely. Since metalworkers make essential parts, the cuts must be of the highest quality possible. The same is true not only in the cutting but in the finishing as well, which makes adding an automated deburring and finishing machine essential to your workflow.

Organizations focused on precision should look no further than Mac-Tech for the equipment they need. We offer top-of-the-line machines such as the SMB-L G1S2 that eliminates spots on sheet metal surfaces and includes deburring capabilities for sheet metal up to 50 mm thickness. Other advantages of purchasing these machines are that they are incredibly compact and quiet compared to similar machines. The team at Mac-Tech knows how important it is for shops to produce superior parts; thus, we only sell equipment that aids in achieving that goal.

More Flexibility & User-Friendliness

The more automation you can adopt into your workflow the less manual processes your operators are tasked with, which greatly reduces manual errors and expedites processes. Machines, such as deburring and finishing machines, enable fabricators’ to be more efficient when finishing final parts. For example, the SBM-L G1S2 deburrs both sides of the part at the same time. There’s no need to flip over the part and repeat the entire process all over again. The processing units on the SBM-M B2 can also be easily adjusted so that operators aren’t consistently reconfiguring a job. These machines are user-friendly, easy-to-use, and offer the operator so much flexibility in post-processing. It’s hard to find a reason not to invest in one for your shop.


Perhaps the most significant benefit of automated deburring and finishing is that it’s safer for your operators. Metalworking can be a dangerous job but with safety protocols in place, many metal workers feel comfortable working with metal. Owners are responsible for creating the safest work environment possible. Adding machines such as automated systems is a great step in that direction. Employees are at higher risk of injury when performing manual jobs, but automating this process with the right machines greatly reduces the risk of injury. Implementing systems such as these greatly mitigates risk for shop owners.

Anyone would be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t see the advantages of investing in an automated deburring and finishing system. Since the machines increase productivity by up to 60%, jobs are completed faster resulting in higher profit margins and increased production rates. What’s more, Mac-Tech offers superior machines that ensure high-quality finished parts that’ll increase customer satisfaction. Lastly, Mac-Tech stands by their products and supports their customers. We have a helpline that operates 24-7, and we have a full service support team that ensures your machine will continue to operate efficiently now and in the future. The only question fab shop owners should be asking themselves after reading this article is where do they sign up?

Automated Deburring and Finishing

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