The Different Types of Shears Used in Metal Fabrication

The Different Types of Shears Used in Metal Fabrication

The Different Types of Shears Used in Metal Fabrication

There are so many heavy-duty devices found in a metal fabrication shop. Among the essential tools workers should have at their disposal are metal shears. However, not all shears are created equally. This article will describe the different types of shears used in metal fabrication so that employees know how to select the right device for the job at hand.

Guillotine Shears

Every metal shop employee should familiarize themselves with guillotine shears. Much like the name suggests, the upper blade of a guillotine shear moves straight down to cut through a piece of material. One advantage of guillotine shears is that they’re completely adjustable. For example, the Ermaksan HVR Guillotine Shears comes equipped with a CNC cutting angle adjustment and a hydraulic blade gap adjustment. Thus, workers can easily change configurations as they see fit. Guillotine shears are excellent devices because they’re incredibly user-friendly, and people can use them to cut through thicker materials.

Swing Beam Shear

Another type of shear used in metal fabrication is the swing beam shear. Unlike guillotine shears that move straight up and down, swing beam shears operate in a circular motion. Essentially, the upper blade moves in an arc and the bottom blade stays fixed. It’s not as easy to adjust swing beam shears as it to adjust guillotine shears. However, swing beam shears are known for cutting down a shop’s production time. These devices are also great for cutting through thinner material, such as aluminum. The Ermaksan HGD Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear has a sheet sliding system that can help shops increase productivity and an emergency stop button that keeps workers safe. This device is a great option for any establishment that wants to produce high-quality cuts without sacrificing workflow speed.

Every metal fabrication shop needs superior shears to make high-quality cuts. Anyone in the market for premium structural steel fabrication machinery should contact Mac-Tech immediately. We sell exceptional plasma cutters and shears that’ll help supervisors keep their customers satisfied for years to come. The team at Mac-Tech understands how demanding the metal fabrication industry is. Thus, we aim to provide outstanding devices that increase efficiency and keep people safe at work.

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