The Machines Every Fabrication Shop Needs

The Machines Every Fabrication Shop Needs

The Machines Every Fabrication Shop Needs

Tons of companies around the world rely on metal fabrication shops to get the products they need. That’s why these workspaces must be as productive as possible. Employees at these establishments must be on their A-game to keep up with the high demand. Luckily, these workers have tools at their disposal to help them complete their work efficiently. This is a list of the machines every fabrication shop needs to be productive and profitable.

Press Brakes

Every metal fabrication shop needs a high-quality press brake. Press brakes bend and shape a sheet of metal to conform to the shape of a die. A die is a separate metal piece that’s molded into a specific shape that manufacturers desire. Therefore, the die is one of the most essential components of a press brake. The die must align with the exact shape producers are looking for. If even the slightest measurement is off-base, the metal sheet that’s produced will be misaligned, as well.

The expert team at Mac-Tech has top-of-the-line metal fabrication machinery for sale. For example, we sell all the variations of press brakes that are on the market today. We have hydraulic press brakes that use hydraulic power to bend and angle metal into the shape you need. These devices are incredibly user-friendly, and they’ll help any shop increase its productivity. We also sell hybrid/electric press brakes for companies looking to be more environmentally conscious. These options are still incredibly efficient, and they save more energy than other models. Finally, there are HD/Tandem press brakes that can bend extremely long sheets of metal. These tools are excellent for shops that need something more heavy-duty. Whatever your preferences are, you can rest assured that Mac-Tech has the press brake you need. A press brake will help any metal fabrication shop be more productive and, thus, increase revenues.

Fiber Laser

Fiber lasers are amazingly useful pieces of machinery. Unlike other lasers that use carbon dioxide at the center, the active medium used in a fiber laser is a fiber that’s been dipped in a rare-earth element. Every metal fabrication shop needs a high-quality fiber laser to help cut metal sheets when this action is required. Luckily, there are many benefits to owning a fiber laser. For starters, fiber lasers are much less sensitive to movement than other lasers. If a gas laser is bumped or misaligned, the worker using the machine must spend time readjusting things. Conversely, fiber lasers can withstand a little more wear and tear. Also, fiber lasers have an extremely high beam quality. These beams are extremely focused and precise, more so than with other lasers.

Much like press brakes, Mac-Tech has a variety of fiber lasers available for metal fabrication shops around the country. For example, we offer 2D/Flat fiber lasers with high acceleration. These devices decrease production time while increasing productivity by an average of 15 percent per hour. Mac-Tech has tube fiber lasers for shops that need to cut pipes and other tube-shaped materials. Finally, our team of professionals offers automated fiber lasers for shops that see higher mass production. Equipment like the Towermak Towers ensures high reliability, and they’re exceptionally user-friendly. If you purchase a fiber laser for Mac-Tech, your workers’ lives will be so much simpler.

Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutters are another machine that every fabrication shop needs. Plasma cutters are incredibly complex and require a bit of explanation. Essentially, the device sends an electric charge through a gas that is then passed through a narrow opening. This electrically charged gas is what cuts through the metal. Interestingly, plasma cutters got their name because the electric charge through the gas causes the gas to transform into the fourth state of matter, plasma.

Mac-Tech has the best plasma cutters on the market. We have options for shops looking to cut through either sheets or tubes. Machines like the Ermak EPL are perfect for companies looking for big business production and a higher level of efficiency. This equipment has a touchscreen that allows employees to set the specifications of the cut before the process begins. Not only is this safer than having to make adjustments on the device itself, but it also ensures that each cut is as precise as can be. The Dynatorch XLFB HF Series Plasma Cutting System is another great option for shops that are concerned with smoke and dust collection. This equipment can be configured with a collection system that removes plasma smoke generated on the cutting table. Whatever you’re looking for in a plasma cutter, you can rest assured that the team at Mac-Tech will work tirelessly to find a machine that fits your every need.


Shears aren’t as intricate as some of the other devices in a metal fabrication shop. However, they’re vital to the establishment’s productivity. Shears are relatively simple to explain; these tools cut through metal. Although their function may be simple to explain, these devices are incredibly important to have in a metal fabrication shop. Shears can be used to cut through aluminum or other types of metal. Metal thickness must be taken into account when selecting the right shears for your shop. If you purchase the wrong shears for the job, the metal you’re cutting will be uneven, or the cut won’t make it all the way through. Devices like plasma cutters do perform a cleaner cut. However, if your business isn’t in the position to invest in such a substantial piece of machinery right now, then shears are a reliable, cost-effective alternative.

Metal fabrication shops are full of lots of hustle and bustle. These establishments are full of employees who do important work to ensure that companies get the materials they need. As hardworking as these individuals are, they also rely on machinery to make their lives easier. Metal fabrication shops need top-of-the-line equipment that increases productivity while ensuring high-quality cuts. Mac-Tech has all the equipment you need to run an efficient shop. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction, and we’ll work tirelessly to meet any need you have.

The Machines Fabrication Shop Needs

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