The Most Common Types of Sheet Metals

The Most Common Types of Sheet Metals

The Most Common Types of Sheet Metals

Innumerable products, small and large, utilize manipulated sheet metal. These elongated metal parts all start somewhere—namely as a raw metallic material. There is more than one kind of sheet metal, so every plant manager should understand the various options available. Here is more on the most common types of sheet metals.

Galvanized Steel

Steel is one of the most common metal materials found in everything from construction to electronics. However, there are multiple types of steel that fit various applications. Galvanized steel sheets are best for automobile parts and construction elements. The zinc-coated steel is highly resistant to corrosion, so it will last a long time and endure harsh elements.

Hot-Rolled Steel

Hot-rolled steel stands in direct contrast to cold-rolled steel; the main difference is that hot-rolled steel undergoes higher temperatures for greater pliability and workability. The resultant sheet metal is perfect for the automotive industry for structural parts.


Aluminum is one of the most prevalent, malleable, strong, and cost-effective materials out there—it’s no wonder technicians prefer it for dozens of applications. You can find aluminum sheets in everything from electronic device housings to kitchen appliances.


Copper is known for its conductivity. Connect it with something with a lot of heat or electricity, and it will transfer those energies. That’s why copper is the go-to metal for any internal wiring or conduction-specific needs. It’s also perfect for more aesthetic metalwork due to its color and shine. You can find copper sheet metal purposed for electronics heat sinks and home exterior gutters alike.

Understanding the differences between the most common types of sheet metals equips plant managers with the knowledge to best supply their technicians. With your supply of metal sheets, you can move on to the next phase of the process: machining and/or forming.

In this step, you’re likely to encounter a machine like the press brakes or folders. If you have any questions about these devices or the metals that run through them, reach out to our team at Mac-Tech today.

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