Tips to Stay Safe When Operating a Hydraulic Press

Tips to Stay Safe When Operating a Hydraulic Press

Tips to Stay Safe When Operating a Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic presses are incredibly versatile machines. The tools can manipulate various materials into different shapes. Therefore, people can find hydraulic presses in machine shops around the world. As essential as these devices are, they can also put operators in harm’s way if they don’t take the proper precautions. This article will describe tips to stay safe when operating a hydraulic press, as every worker should feel safe on the job.

Training & Maintenance

Workers shouldn’t be allowed to start working with a hydraulic press until they’ve received all the training they need. It’s a boss’ responsibility to ensure that workers know where every control is located and what warning signs indicate machine failure. People need to know what issues to watch out for so they can inform their supervisors if these instances occur. Some common problems associated with hydraulic presses are oil leaks and overheating.

Another tip to stay safe when operating a hydraulic press is to perform preventative maintenance. This means people should look over the machine before turning it on at the start of their shifts. Operators should also keep their workspace clean at all times. If an unwanted material gets in the way of the tool while someone is using it, this could be a recipe for disaster.

The Right Gear

Shop owners are also responsible for providing their employees with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). For example, workers should be given goggles the minute they arrive at the shop. Sometimes, metal scraps will bounce off of the machine while someone is using it. So, operators need to have something to protect their eyes. People should also wear gloves and durable boots in the shop to prevent accidents around the heavy-duty machinery. If people are given the right equipment to protect themselves, there will be fewer work-related injuries to report.

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