Tanaka LMX Vll-TF6000E 8’x20’ CO2 Laser

Make              Tanaka

Model             LMX Vll-TF6000E

Sheet-W          8 '

Sheet-L             20 '

Wattage         6000 w

Control             CNC (Fanuc Series 16i-LB)

MFG Date       2005

Resonator        Fanuc C -6000E

Control            Fanuc Series 16i-LB

Table Size        8x20 Dual Pallet Table

Hours               32062

2011 Adige BLM SYS LT Combo Tube and Flat CO2 Laser


Model: SYS LT Combo

Sheet-W: 5 '

Sheet-L: 10 '

Wattage: 2500 w

Year of MFG: 2011

Control: CNC (Adige SYS CNC Controller)

Plate 1500x3000x10mm with auto pallet changer

Tube OD up to 8”

Load material up to 24’ long

Open profile

CAM software Lantek

Co2 Laser 2500W


Hyfra Pedia SVK 320 cooler (voltage 480V / 60Hz)

Rofin Sinar DC025 laser (voltage 380V / 50Hz)

1500x3000 single pallet brass grids

3000x1500 pallet changer guards


Make: Bystronic

Model:Bystronic Byspeed 3015

Year MFG: 2004  Installed new in Jan 2005

Size: 4400 WATT

Speed x/y: 6653"/MINUTE

Cutting area:120" X 60"

Z-axis stroke: 3.93"

Wattage: 4400 W

Maximum weight on table: 1962 LBS

Cutting time: 19,823 Hours

Vacuum pump: 12,495 Hours

Power on: 58,657 Hours

Turbo blower: 35,562 Hours

Notes: New PC and controller boards, upgraded encoder ($8,200 value), New X axis, New Y axis, recent resonator rebuild, recent blower rebuild. Automation not included.

Mazak Space Gear 510 2500watt CO2 Laser

Make/ Model Mazak Space Gear 510
Year of MFG    2002
Sheet-W   60 "
Sheet-L  120 "
Wattage    2500 w
X-Travel    131 "
Y-Travel  60 "
Z-Travel  16.54 "
Weight   32,170 lbs
Control   Fanuc L-64
A Axis Stroke   +/- 360 Degrees
B Axis Stroke   +/- 135 Degrees
Max Work Piece Size   120.1" x 60.0" x 0.87"
Max Load Capacity   1780 lbs
Hours on Machine   ~54,000


Used 1999 MAZAK OPTONICS NEW TURBO-X48 CO2 Laser Cutter

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