2007 VOORTMAN V630/1000 & VB1050S Beam Drill & Saw Line

2007 Voortman V630/1000 Drill

Height Capacity: 3/8” – 18”

Width Capacity: 2 ½” – 42”

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs/ft

Positioning Weight Cap.: 20,000 lbs

Positioning Drive: Servo Motor

Drill Diameter:l 5/16” – 1 9/16”

Carbide Tip Drills: Capable

Tapping: 3/8” – 1.0”

Spindle Motor: 40 HP

Spindle RPM: 100-2,500 rpm

Tool Holder:  SK40

ATC:  VTC5/40 2 s 5 Position\

Machine Weigth: 24,250 lbs


2007 Voortman VB1050S Saw:

2015 FICEP EXCALIBUR-12 (1201DE) Single-Spindle Sub Axis Beam Drill

  • The Excalibur only requires 50% of the floor space of a conventional beam dri  lling line
  • The drill system is cantilevered from the storage table so it is not touching the floor
  • Ball screw spindle feed witha  4,000 RPM spindle speed takes full advantage of carbide tooling technology for optimum performance.
  • The unique sub axis of teh spindle affords the maximum in productivity and accuracy while enabling scribing without exerting excessive forces on linear bearing as the system remains stationary.  Only the spindle is positioned by the sub axis

2005 Voortman V550-4 Structural Steel Angle Line System

Voortman V550-4 Punching and Shearing cell


Manufacture Date 2005

Vacam CNC control

40ft infeed system for flat- & angle 520mm wide
Infeed transfer carrier conveyor
Infeed maximum speed 30 m/min

Punching machine and Drilling unit (weight 26,455 lbs)

Flat Shear and Angle Shear (weight 16,534 lbs)

Pneumatic Material Gripper feeder truck