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The SBG1300 is an Automatic, two-sided Deburring, Edge-Rounding and Surface Finishing machine.  Designed to machine "burr free" edges on flat sheet metal components produced by thermal cutting or mechanical punching.  This machine will provide excellent performance with a markedly reduced consumption of abrasive media when compared to wide belt sanders.  Using Steel Brush Abrasive media blocks allows for the machine to remove oxidation layer on part edges.

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This in-stock JONSEN Badger (SD-H) dual-head grinding/polishing machine is perfect for finishing small or large stamping parts, auto parts, precision machinery parts, and more!  It comes standard equipped with: Quick-change dual grinding/polishing head, 360º hand sanding and deburring arm, One-of-a-kind vacuum suction table for small parts, Adustable flanges for larger parts. Machine is under power and ready to demo. Available immediately, subject to prior sale. 

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Jonsen SG 1030 JS+D Deburring and Edge Rounding Machine. The Jonsen SG1030-JS+D series is a dry operation wide belt grinding machine with a disk brush. It is suitable for surface grinding, deburring, and finishing material like steel, stainless steel, copper, less aluminum. A dry type machine works best with a wet type dust collector for safety work.