Hey there metal fab enthusiasts! Bring your parts and get ready to have a blast at Mac-Tech’s Open House! We’re showcasing the latest and greatest in equipment and tooling, and you definitely won’t want to miss out on the hands-on demos,

  • IPG LIGHTWELD Laser Welding: Discover the simplicity and advantages of laser welding. This newest advancement in welding technology is powerful and precise when it comes to welding applications. You’ll learn about IPG LIGHTWELD’s technology, simplicity, and the advantages for those looking to expand their welding capability.
  • Ermaksan’s Press Brake HYBRID Technology: This next-gen press brake technology is a game-changer in metal bending and shaping. Featuring the EVO3 SERVO HYBRID Press Brake Technology and Wilson clamping system. Attendees can expect to see advanced features and capabilities.
  • Erbends’s CNC Metal Folding Machines: Exploring the latest innovations in CNC metal folding machines is an excellent opportunity for you to stay up-to-date on the latest industry advancements.
  • Wilson Tooling: Wilson is know for its high-quality tooling solutions. Attendees can check out the latest offering, which will greatly enhance the precision and efficiency in your bending and forming applications. BONUS: See the newest innovation from Wilson, the all Electric Clamping System.
  • Slat Boss Laser Slat Cleaner: Keeping laser cutting machines clean and efficient is crucial. The Slat Boss offers a practical solution for extending the life of your slats.
  • Games and Lunch: It’s not just about the equipment; come and enjoy some fun, good food & drinks.

Mac-Tech’s Open House is a great opportunity for anyone in the metal fab industry to network, learn about the latest technologies, and have a great time. Stop by anytime between 10 and 3. We can’t wait to see you.