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NEW Guillotine Shear

Ermak HVR

Ermak USA's HVR is a CNC controlled, variable rake, hydraulic guillotine shear. With a cutting capacity of up to 40mm and a maximum pressure of 210 tons, the HVR is perfect for a variety of metal cutting procedures. The HVR's user-friendly CNC control can automatically adjust blade gap, cutting angle, and cutting length to allow it to perform as many as 24 strokes in a single minutes, making it one of the fastest guillotine shears on the market.  


Plus, like all of Ermak USA's machines, the HVR is highly cutomizable to ensure that you get the perfect machine for you and your business.

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  • Cutting Length:  3100—6100mm
  • Cutting Capacity (42kg/mm²):  6—40mm
  • Cutting Capacity (70kg/mm²):  4—25mm
  • Cutting Angle:  0.5—3°
  • Stroke Per Minute:  1—24/min
  • Number of Hold Downs:  14—36
  • Pressure:  12—210T
  • Main Motor:  11—75kW
  • Back Gague Motor:  0.75—2.2kW
  • Back Gague Stroke:  1000mm
  • Oil Capacity:  150—1000l
  • Blade Gap Adjustment:  0.05—5.5mm
  • Back Gague Speed:  110mm/sec
  • Sheet Support Arms:  2—5
  • Table Length:  3500—7030mm
  • Table Height:  900—1250mm
  • Throat Depth:  350mm (500mm ops.)
  • Machine Dimensions:  43980mm x 2315mm x 2225mm—9550mm x 3790mm x 5820mm
  • Machine Weight:  7,050—162,500kg
  • Wear-resistant blades (4 cutting edge)
  • Portable foot pedal for single / automatic cutting
  • CNC controller (CYBELEC)
          - CNC controlled hydraulic blade gap adjustment system
          - CNC controlled cutting angle adjustment system
          - CNC controlled motorized backgauge system w/ 0.1mm accuracy
  • Front support arms with T slot, ruler, and flip stop
  • Squaring arm
  • Standard / metric scales
  • Cutting line illumination
  • Shadow line
  • Emergency stops
  • Sliding sheets
  • Swing up backgauge
  • Stainless blades


Optional Features

  • Pneumatic sheet support systems for thin materials: Bar type / monoblock type
  • 0180° angle gauge
  • Extra long powered squaring arm w/ ruler
  • 500mm+ throat depth.
  • Oil cooler
  • Laser cutting line
  • Sliding support arms
  • Finger guard curtains
  • Anti-twis system
  • Special back gauge stroke
  • Dynamic servo backgauge
  • Sheet feeding system
  • Conveyor
  • Scrap separator
  • Stacker systems
  • X1, X2 adjustable angled backgauge system
  • Blades ideal for stainless steel cutting
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Embedded thumbnail for Ermak HVR
Embedded thumbnail for Ermak HVR
Embedded thumbnail for Ermak HVR