Givi Scales

Givi Scale


The best choice for synchronized press brakes










• Incremental or absolute scale, based on optical or magnetic technology, suitable for  applications on synchronized press brakes

• Reader head guided by a self-aligned and self-cleaning sliding carriage with spring system 

• Resolution up to 0,1 μm. Accuracy grade up to ± 1 μm

• Linear thermal expansion coefficient specific to the optical grating or the magnetic band used

• Reference indexes at coded distance or selectable every 10 mm along the entire measuring  length, with Zero Magneto Set device

• Safety limit switches, positionable at both ends

• The adjustable cable output and the selectable zero references make the scale symmetric and  applicable to both columns of the press brake 



• Rugged and heavy profile made of anodized aluminium. Dimensions 55 x 28  mm

• Elastic coupling for misalignment compensation and self-correction of mechanical hysteresis.  Extremely low backlash error (< 0,2 μm) 

• Sealing lips for the protection of the grating, made of special elastomer resistant to oil  and wearing

• Carriage guided by ball bearings with gothic arch profile sliding on tempered and grinded  guides, to guarantee the system accuracy and the absence of wearing

• Reading block sliding through ball bearings (optical version) or without contact (magnetic  version)

• Elastomeric gaskets which allow to reproduce the full protection in mechanical joints  (in case of disassembling)

• Various possibilities of application, with double-effect joint or steel wire. An adapter guarantees  the compatibility with PBS-HR scale


Measuring and control systems


• Reading device with a single infra-red light emitter and receiving photodiodes. Feedback circuit for a higher stability of output signals

• A, B and Z Push-Pull or Line Driver output signals, with phase displacement of 90° ± 5° electrical 

• 8-wires shielded cable. Conductors sections suitable for long cables. PUR external sheath, self-extinguishing and resistant to oil, crushing and torsions. Suitable  for continuous movements

• Protection against inversion of power supply polarity and short circuits on output ports. Availability of different power supplies  


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