Structural Steel Fabrication Equipment

Mac-Tech carries a number of structural steel fabrication equipment, robotic plasma cutters, beam drilling, and beam coping machines suitable for businesses in the metal fabrication industry. Some of the structural steel cutting machines, beam coping machines, and CNC beam drilling machines we carry may do much more, as is the case with the PCR41 and PCR42; however, you can rest assured that each of the pieces of structural steel fabrication machinery we have listed here will meet your structural beam coping or drilling needs.

PCR41 Robotic Plasma

The PCR41 is an innovative design that combines robotics, vision systems and plasma torch technology to bring you the best combination of value, speed, precision, and 4-face operation to cutting structural steel that a robotic plasma cutter can offer.

This robotic plasma cutting machine has been designed to incorporate as many fabrication functions as possible into one machine. The PCR41 is able to produce completely finished parts at the lowest possible manufacturing costs. This machine automates all cutting operations typically performed and structural steel.

PCR42 Robotic Plasma

The PCR42 robotic plasma cutting machine does beam coping, notches, holes and weld preps, splits beams, and scribes plus marks on all four faces of H-beams, channels, angles, HSS and plates.

In less than a day for your operator will learn how to use the PCR42 plasma cutter. The interface is very user-friendly and simple to use. If you should ever need assistance, Mac-Tech is ready to assist.

Agen DUO Robotic Assembler

Mac-Tech DUO; THE Robotic Beam Component Assembly & Welding Solution!

Bendtech Dragon A400

Bend-Tech Dragon A400 is a commercial grade CNC tube cutting, engraving, and marking machine. Combined with the world’s most powerful CAD/CAM software, Dragon A400 will get the job done with accuracy and speed.

Dragon’s front position gate and chuck is easily adjustable, making the load and setup between different shapes and sized materials a breeze.

Amtek APC 1200

The Amtek APC 1200 is one of our beam coping machines for sale with great economical value. Produced out in California, this machine can cope up to 6 different materials, has hydraulic clamps, a custom controller and a wired remote.

3ADM 1200 Beam

AKYAPAK, as a leader of its sector, shows its technology in steel construction drilling lines and moves it from Turkey to the World. AKYAPAK, created AKDRILL brand in this sector, manufactures CNC beam drilling machine series with servo motor driven in the name of ADM for steel construction masts.

AKDRILL ADM Drilling Machines provide high quality solutions in manufacturing of steel construction, bridge construction, shipyards, and various fields in the construction sector. ADM series have the drilling capacity of H, I, and U profiles or angles with 10-40 mm | 3/8-1-9/16” standard diameters or more.

AKD Angle Punching Line

If part of your business plan includes saving production time, the AKD Angle Punching, Shearing & Marking Line is the answer you seek.

Akyapak, AKD Angle Punching, Shearing & Marking Line, provides a new production solution for power plant or electrical poles, towers, oil refineries, and all steel construction works that require quick but high quality operations without wastage.

Meteor 1200 Single Spindle

AKYAPAK METEOR-1200 is developed to drill any kind of profile by rotating the beam. The tight tolerance between the holes is not a concern anymore; this machine provides more accurate manufacturing and assembling in a shorter time for steel producers than previously available.

The time is many so METEOR-1200 is ready to reduce your labor either for drilling or for on-site assembly. METEOR-1200 is ready to drill beams, angles, flat sheets and any suitable geometry. You can also mill slots, pockets and any geometry by having state of arts control system.

We also provide service for all structural steel fabrication machinery, including beam coping machines. Contact us to schedule a service date today.

AFD Plate Drilling Machine

Advanced solution at steel construction sector once again from AKYAPAK… High speed and high processing performance with AFD up to 1000×1500 mm (40”x60”) materials.

The state of art AFD Flange and Plate Drilling Machine is designed for drilling, marking and tapping plates, reflecting more than 50 years of experience of AKYAPAK.

All movements are made by CNC system.
Main body is welded steel construction and stress relieved.

AFD CNC Flange and Plate Drilling Machine is able to drill 6 to 80 mm | 1/4” to 3-1/8” thickness within its own working area. Material is driven on the table with balls by fixing it with hydraulic clamping jaws. Material is positioned to the desired coordinates for drilling/marking/tapping by CNC program and then operation starts.

Hardened hydraulic jaws with piston helps to fix material to prevent faults. AFD Flange and Plate Drilling Machine is able to drill, tab, mill, mark with scribing and mark with dot.(optional).

We also provide service for all structural steel fabrication machinery. Contact us to schedule a service date today.