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Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Mac-Tech proudly works with top-quality fiber laser cutting machines, including 2D laser cutters. These machines will allow your company to operate at optimal efficiency and precision. At Mac-Tech, we not only offer top-quality fiber laser cutting machines but also provide comprehensive services to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Our range of 2D laser cutters will enhance your company’s productivity, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency in your operations.

Among our standout offerings are the Fibermak Gen-5, Fibermak Side Load, Raptor, THUNDERBIRD, and Hawk models, each one designed to meet diverse industry needs. We can custom-build table designs for CNC fiber laser cutting machines up to 60 inches long. With all of our quality offering, Mac-Tech is proud to set a new standard for accuracy and quality in the realm of metal fabrication. Trust Mac-Tech for the best in fiber laser cutting machines and services. We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business. Read on to learn more about the Fibermak machines for all your 2D/flat cut needs.

Fibermak G-Force

The Fibermak Gen-5 combines unparalleled speed, accuracy and cut quality; it’s the best fiber laser cutting machine available. The new and improved G Force system enables 2.5g acceleration providing an additional 15% decrease in production time. Our IPG resonators are paired with a Precitec Auto Focus head, providing the fastest speeds from thick plate down to thinner materials. Automation is also offered, making “lights out” operation.

Fibermak Sideload

The Fibermak Side Load offers the same great production of the standard Fibermak while limiting the overall floor space. The power panel has been reduced inside while the oil reservoir and resonator are placed inside the hood. The external equipment has also been significantly reduced. This 2D laser cutting machine’s design provides a 30% reduction in overall floor space.

Fibermak Raptor

The Raptor is a fiber laser cutting machine that has been designed for the customer that’s doesn’t need exceptional speed but can’t sacrifice cut quality. A user-friendly Beckhoff controller, high accuracy servo motors, and a Precitec cutting head are all included as standard. Lower cost without sacrificing quality.


The THUNDERBIRD for 2D laser cutting is the perfect entry-level machine with a low up front investment and with the cost savings and quality components the THUNDERBIRD is a very competitive machine.

Fibermak Hawk

The Hawk offers provides an excellent price-performance ratio. The single table design offers a lower floor space and easy loading and unloading. Offered from 500 watt-2000 watt resonators the Hawk excels at quickly processing thinner material.

Large Bed

The Fibermak Facility in Bursa Turkey is equipped with Double Tower CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Centers that are capable of micron-level precision at longer lengths. Ask us about our custom table designs that can be built at up to 60’ long.