Fiber laser cutting

Fibermak G-Force

  • 2.5 G high acceleration is presented optionally on servo motorized Momentum Gen-3 G Force series.
  • Producing time decreases and productivity increases average 15% per hour by high acceleration.

Fibermak Sideload

If theres’s a need to have a short hall, the sideloader fiber laser machine should be at the top of the list for consideration. Thanks to the high acceleration in Gen-3 G Force SL series servo motor models, production time decreases and efficiency increases by 15% per hour.

Fibermak Raptor

Ermaksan’s RAPTOR Fiber Laser Cutting machine is produced to be an alternative solution without any concession from cutting quality with its less space requirements, modular and ergonomic design compared to standard Fibermak.

Fibermak Hawk

With a combination of German tech and Turkish manufacturing the Fibermak Hawk is the perfect Eco-solution for low budget – high performance expecting customers!

Large Bed

Large Bed production capabilities of oversized structures and components, makes COPY NEEDED FOR THIS SECTION.