In the steel fabrication and ironworking industry, the action of “material handling” usually refers to moving materials from storage to machines for processing, and then back to storage for removal.

Material handling is something a lot of people don’t think about when it comes to productivity. Most people would look for machines that will do the actual processing to speed up their productions. Often, this is not the case. Many people would find the tasks of moving materials in and out of the processing center takes much longer than the processing itself. As a result, in fabrication shops where heavy, long, unbearable materials move from place to place for processing, material handling is probably the most important equipment you will ever need.

When it comes to material handling, we test our products to the limit to make sure they will withstand any natural conditions and usage.

Why choose AMTEK material handling?

  • Our roller conveyors are the STRONGEST in the industry at a FRACTION OF THE COST.
  • You can drop a 1 ton beam from 1 meter above onto our rollers and they will withstand without any problems. 
  • 3 years warranty on all of our material handling.
  • Our roller conveyors come with only rollers, so there is nothing to repair.
  • We can customize material handling according to your requirements and your shop size, unlike other manufacturers where they only build standard, existing equipment.
  • Our layout will maximize your flow and minimize your costs.
  • Our material handling will work with all equipment in the industry.
  • We can automate your material handling to work unsupervised/unmanned.
  • Our smart material handling can move your materials from point A to point B with just 1 button. It will roll, lift, and transfer your materials without the operator intervention.
    • 100”- 6 Rollers, 44” Wide HEAVY DUTY Roller Conveyors
    • Schedule 80 pipes
    • 1,000 lbs per roller capacity
    • #60 chains with dual sprockets on pipes
    • Recommend 10 Conveyors = 60ft in and 40ft Out with spacing
    • Lift, carry, push, and pull
    • Standard 20’ cross transfers can easily handle 8000 lbs
    • 4 machined groove wheels on angle tracks
    • #60 chains
    • Recommend 7 Cross Transfers (4 In/3 Out) for 10 conveyors.
    • 8,000 lbs per unit/16,000 per set