IPG LightWeld Laser Welding & Cleaning Systems

LightWELD® handheld laser welding and cleaning systems are fast, easy to learn and operate, and produce high quality, consistent results across a wide range of materials and thicknesses. Pre-weld and post-weld cleaning functionality optimizes weld quality while increasing productivity. Each LightWELD laser welder system is designed for high quality, speed, ease of use, and repeatability, LightWELD XR 1500, and LightWELD XR 2000  offers fabricators a complete range of high productive solutions for choose from, specific to their welding application.


  • FAST: Up to 4X faster than TIG
  • VERSATILE: Wide range of materials – up to 1/4 in. (6.35 mm)
  • EASY: Optimized presets reduce learning curve
  • CONSISTENT: High quality, repeatable results
  • FLEXIBLE: Simple and challenging applications
  • PRODUCTIVE: Pre- and post-weld cleaning capability
  • Adjustable laser welding power up to 1500 W
  • Preset & User-defined modes optimize material thickness combinations
  • Wobble welding controls for 5 mm of additional weld width
  • Rear panel provides intuitive connections for power, process gas and external accessory controls
  • Cleaning power up to 2500 W Peak for greater welding quality and finishing capability
LightWELD enables dramatically faster welding, is easier to learn and operate, and provides higher-quality, consistent results across a wider range of materials and thicknesses than MIG or TIG with minimal distortion, deformation, undercut or burn-through. The low heat input and extensive material and thickness capabilities increase productivity, repeatability, and improve weld quality for operators of all skill levels. LightWELD welds dissimilar metals of different thicknesses with ease and creates aesthetic high-strength joints with minimal or no consumable wire. Plus, LightWELD  XR offers built-in pre- and post-weld cleaning not found on any traditional system.

Factory Presents Ensure Optimized Welds & Cleaning

  • Simple preset selection ensures consistent high-quality laser welds and cleaning
  • Presets include wobble welding function to accommodate wider seams and for parts with poor fit-up
  • Operators can instantly switch between presets to process multiple material-thickness combinations
  • Advanced operators can customize presets, save for future use and can be used by novice operators to produce the same results
  • Novice operators require less training which reduces labor costs while preserving quality, increasing productivity and decreasing scrap

Fast & Easy Setup

  • Clearly labeled rear connections make getting started fast and easy
  • Simply plug in power cord and gas connection, attach clamp to work surface, and the system is ready to go
  • Laser power, gas, and gun control are delivered through a single cable
  • An ethernet computer connection provides access to advanced parameter settings to fine tune and save process parameters

Operator Safety Features

  • Key switch control to secure system from unauthorized operation
  • Emergency stop button for immediate shut down
  • Safety interlock verifies integrity of laser delivery to the welding gun
  • 2-step weld gun trigger, enable and then fire, for intentional operation
  • Part contact electrical interlock turns off the laser power if the welding head is not in contact with the welded parts
  • Door switch interlock circuits shut down laser if anyone other than the operators unexpectedly enters the welding area

Built-in Wobble Welding for Increased Productivity

  • Simple on-the-fly control of up to 5 mm of additional weld width with selectable frequencies
  • Creates highly aesthetic seams and welding of parts with poor fit-up
  • Wobble parameters are preprogrammed and can be saved by the operator and recalled immediately as needed
  • In cleaning mode, the wobble function provides adjustable cleaning scan widths up to 15 mm

Optional Wire Feed Package

  • Wire welding capability extends laser welding applications to poorly fit-up parts
  • Used for low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and non-ferrous metals and alloys
  • Wire feed speed range 40-600 cm/min (15-230 ipm)
  • Wire diameter capacity 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm
  • 2x V-rollers and steel liners for hard wire, 2x U-rollers, and Teflon lines for software
  • Package includes wire feed unit, electrical connections, nozzle assembly, and IPG Process Mode Software

LightWELD XR – Extended Range Handheld Laser Welding & Cleaning

Laser Type (Welding Mode): Air cooled Ytterbium Continuous Wave 1070 mm Fiber Laser

Laser Output (Welding Mode): 1500 W average power, with 2500 W peak power. Class 1 red guide beam

Laser Output (Cleaning Mode): 

  • 2500 W peak power
  • Pulse frequency up to 50 kHz
  • Pulse duty cycle up to 20%

Umbilical Cable: Utilities bundle from base unit to head including:

  • Fiber laser delivery
  • Process gap
  • Process head control signals and safety interlock circuits – Lengths: 5 m (16 ft) Optional 10 m (32 ft)

Cooling: Air Cooled: No external chiller required

Weld Head

  • Handheld wobble welding head
  • Collimating lengths 50 mm, focus length 120; spot size 60 µm
  • Incorporating safety control sensors and laser-on indicator
  • User-changeable nozzles for planar, internal corner, and external corner weld

Weld head cleaning nozzles: Set of three nozzles for wide-angle scanning

Spot Size: 60 µm

Wobble Length: Adjustable up to 5 mm

Cleaning scan length: Adjustable up to 15 mm

Process Gas:

  • Argon, Nitrogen, Argon + CO2 mix
  • For LHW-1500-5 Meter: Working pressure 69-138 kPa, (10-20 psi)
  • For LHW-1500-10 Meter: Working pressure 103-207 kPa, (15-30 psi)

User Interface: Front Panel Controls of Laser Power

  • Mode
  • Wobble length and wobble frequency: Rotary knobs with digital display
  • Laser On/Off key switch
  • E-Stop button
  • Status indicator lights

Computer Connection: Ethernet connection to web page interface allowing viewing/adjustment of process mode settings and system status and alarm signal


  • Class 4 Laser Device – Customer responsible for standard ANZI Z136.1 safety precautions
  • System features include key for laser On/Off
  • 2-stop laser operation trigger (enable and fire)
  • Part-head contact safety circuit
  • Facility door interlock circuit

Operating Environment:

  • Storage temperature -20 to 60°C
  • Operating range +5 to 3.5°C

Ease of Aluminum Weld – Easy

Single-side, single pass material weld capability

  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Aluminum up to 6.35 mm
  • Copper up to 2 mm

Electrical requirements – 220V, 1Ph, 50/60 Hz, <30 Amp

Weld base unit (W x D x H): 316 x 641 x 534 mm (12.4 x 25.2 x 21 in)

Weld module weight: 53 kg, (118 lbs)


  • Safety glasses
  • Power connecting plug
  • Ethernet cable

LightWELD 2000 XR – Handheld Laser Welding & Cleaning

LightWELD 2000 XR extends the range of materials and thicknesses of previous models, enabling fabricators to benefit from a wide range of solutions. Pre-weld and post-weld cleaning functionality optimizes weld quality and productivity. LightWELD systems are easy to learn and operate, 4X faster than TIG welding and produce high-quality, consistent results for operators of all skill levels.

Laser Power

  • 2000 W Max. Avg. Power
  • 3000 W Peak Pulse Power

Welding Capability

  • Stainless, Steel Galvanized & Mild Steel: up to 8 mm (0.315″)
  • Aluminum 3 & 5 Series: up to 8 mm (0.315″)
  • Aluminum 6 Series: up to 6.5 mm (0.250″)
  • Titanium & Nickel Alloys: up to 7 mm (0.275″)
  • Copper: up to 3 mm (0.120″)
  • Pre & Post-weld up to 15 mm width, pulsed cleaning power up to 3000 W peak power
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • Power: 220V Single Phase, 33 A
  • Max Storage Capacity: 100
  • Cleaning Width Length: Up to 15 mm
  • Wobble Length & Frequency: Up to 300 Hz, up to 5 mm
  • Dimensions: 641 x 316 x 534 mm (25.2″ x 12.4″ x 21″)
  • Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Built-in Features Include:

  • Key switch control of laser source and Emergency -stop buttons ensure deliberate operation
  • Fiber laser interlock verifies integrity of laser delivery to the welding and cleaning gun
  • 2-step gun trigger, enable and then fire, for international operation
  • Part contact electrical interlock turns off the laser power if the gun is not in the contact with the parts


  • LightWELD 2000 XR unit
  • 10 m (16 or 32″) Gun Cable
  • 10 m (16 or 32″) Workpiece Clamp
  • User Guide
  • Welding Helmet with IR Shield
  • (3) Cleaning Nozzles
  • (4) Welding Nozzles
  • Laser Safety Glasses OD 7+
  • 3 m (10′) CAT 6 Ethernet Cable
  • (5) Cover Slides

Key Applications:

  • Metal fabrication shops
  • Auto body applications
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Construction and piping
  • Farm, furniture & appliances
  • Aerospace & transportation