Water Jet Cutting Machine

An easy-to-use and highly versatile option, waterjet cutting machines allow you cut into nearly any material imaginable.

TECHNI Intec G-2 Series

The Intec-G2® Series of water jet cutting machines represents the latest in cutting-edge innovations made by TECHNI. The Intec-G2® Series of waterjet cutters has proven to be a successful attempt at creating a safe, reliable waterjet cutter that is highly precise. This Intec waterjet is capable of cutting through virtually any material at a thickness of up to 200mm (8”) with minimum Capital outlay. The Linear Scale Feedback option ensures the highest accuracy of motion, which allows you to achieve the highest tolerances possible. If you first map the entire cutting area with a laser interferometer, the Intec-G2® can deliver unerring positional accuracy of 0.05mm (0.002”).