Coil Punching Machines

Here’s a new perspective for metal profile fabricators. Punching directly from the coil makes it possible to produce hole patterns in a simple process. The PRR10 Coil Punching Line by Mac-Tech comes equipped with an uncoiler, straightening unit, rotary press with indexing up to 10 tools, cross-cutting guillotine, and sheet receiving table.


This coil punching machine includes a rotary servo press that can punch up to 10 different tools at a running speed of 1 second. All axes are driven by servo motors to ensure accuracy and speed in all operations. The press performs with a force of 20 tons, which allows the execution of various cutting formats.

The sheet metal coil line machine also includes ElitePunch software, which is the revolutionary application where you can import CAD files and process the data combining ease of use and fast machine setup: Step 1. Open file in .dxf format. Step 2. Identify holes and positions. Step 3. Send to the machine via FTP protocol after checking the feasibility of the data. Step 4. Start production.

The software has been specifically developed for punching coil and to also be used via the touch screen and is suitable for installation in the workshop on board the machine. See below for more details and fill out our form for more information.


Max Thickness: 4mm

Max Coil Wide: 150 a 750mm

Straightening rolls: 9

Diameter straightener rollers: 125mm

Feeder Speed: 30m/min

Press Speed: 500mm/s

Punching cycle time: 1 second

Speed Orientation: 360°/s

Force of punching: 20 tons