Tandem Press Brakes

At Mac-Tech, we proudly present our range of heavy-duty press machines, including our state-of-the-art tandem press brakes. These high-performance machines are designed for precision, reliability, and efficiency in heavy-duty operations. Tandem press brakes are ideal for handling large-scale metal bending tasks with ease, ensuring your business can meet even the most demanding project requirements.

Our tandem press brake machines are meticulously engineered to deliver superior performance and longevity. They incorporate advanced technology that allows for precise control and exceptional bending accuracy, making them an essential tool in any metal fabrication shop. Moreover, our tandem brakes offer an unmatched level of versatility and power. They are not just machines; they are solutions that can significantly enhance your productivity. Trust in Mac-Tech’s commitment to quality and innovation as you explore the potential of our tandem press brakes in your business operations.

Heavy Duty Press Brake


The Ermaksan HD is a tandem press brake machine designed to achieve bending applications for heavy-duty manufacturing needs and deliver the end product quickly. These heavy-duty press brakes minimize man-power efforts and material waste. As a result, you will see increased productivity and decreased costs from wasted materials.

Tandem Press Brake


Tandem press brakes can be used to bend lengthy parts—up to 60 ft. in some instances. These synchronized hydraulic press brake machines also can be used independently to bend smaller parts. Our hydraulic tandem press brake system is a great solution for multifaceted needs.

Mac-Tech also offers superior technical services. Contact us today if your tandem press brake machine needs repair.