CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes

At Mac-Tech, we carry some of the finest CNC hydraulic press brakes for sale from Ermaksan. Used most commonly for the bending and shaping of sheet metal, these CNC hydraulic press brakes allow for the precision bends to be made to your exact specifications.

Power-Bend Falcon

Immediately Shorten Production Time

Power-Bend Falcon Series machines have been redesigned based on users’ preferences to become unique machines featuring individual electronic and mechanical features.

Power-Bend Falcon Series are among the highest-rated CNC press brake machines to increase productivity and minimize costs with user-friendly CNC controllers and low-cost hydraulic maintenance.

Speed-Bend Pro

Maximum Productivity

Production time is the most important profit factor for businesses. The Speed-Bend series of CNC hydraulic press brakes have been designed to increase production while lowering cost-per-part.

The backgauge fingers automatically move side-to-side eliminating manual finger operation.

Power-Bend Pro

Production Bending

The Power-Bend Pro provides impressive speed and performance for an unbeatable value. The cylinders are positioned with Heidenhain linear scales (+/- 0.0004” Repeatability) and controlled by the easy-to-use Cybelec Cybtouch 12 controller. A standard X-Axis back gauge and front light protection makes the Power-bend Pro the complete bending package.

We also provide expert service. If any of your hydraulic press brakes also require service, contact us today.