Thunderbird Fiber Laser

The new THUNDERBIRD fiber laser cutting machine offers an easy point to the world of fiber laser cutting with its compact structure that does not require costly equipment. The THUNDERBIRD for 2D laser cutting is the perfect entry-level machine with a low up front investment and with the cost savings and quality components the THUNDERBIRD is a very competitive machine. The machine available with an IPG YLR 2-, 3- and 4-kW rack type laser source, the THUNDERBIRD enables high-quality cutting of thin sheets from steel and stainless steel to aluminum, copper and brass. While investment and operating costs are the key advantages of this machine, efficiency is definitely another advantage. With a table size of 3×1.5m, THUNDERBIRD Laser has two pallet design but without lift and hydraulic system. A longer Z-axis can be used instead.

It comes equipped with the Precitec ProCutter Thunder cutting head, which is the ideal solution for efficient and economical laser cutting in the medium power range. This controls the focus position automatically and delivers outstanding results when processing different material thicknesses. It offers permanently stable and precise operation and as well as quick and easy maintenance of the head is possible.

The electric cabinet embedded inside the machine. As well as positioning of the resonator is over the machine. The design, which does not affect the 3×1.5 m table size, is the same size as competing machines. The compact structure of the machine, makes it suitable shops with a limited space. To maximize safety, it provides a safer work area with its light bodyguard in compliance with CE standards. This keeps employees safe when they are working around the machine.

Equipped with a Beckhoff controller that combines ease-of-use and a stylish design, users of the THUNDERBIRD fiber laser machine can learn and control the entire manufacturing process quickly and easily. The easy to use software is simple even for the entry level operator The machine is easily programmed via the Metalix CAD/CAM system, that decreases production time and material waste and increases productivity. Thanks to this compact structure, customers will have lower transportation cost and faster installation. THUNDERBIRD fiber laser system is a great choice for job shops that need processing of thinner sheets, without compromising standards and cutting quality.

If you have any questions about this industrial fiber laser, reach out to one of our experts. We’re happy to help.