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Radan Radbend is a superior press brake simulation software that is capable of offline programming and simulation for pressbrakes. Radbend is Radan software for comprehensive offline programming solution for press brakes that completely integrates with RADAN3D. It also provides a full 3D simulation of the bending process.

Features of this Radan software at a glance are:

  • Automatic bend sequencing
  • Automated tool selection
  • Tool setup optimization
  • Automatic finger stop positioning
  • Customizable reports
  • Support for lifting aids and angle measurement systems
  • Can be integrated with RADAN3D

RADAN | Designer forms a pivotal part of our CAD CAM solution, preparing parts for bending, nesting and cutting. From model design to part repair & modification, RADAN | Designer is the ultimate CAD solution for taking geometry through to manufacture.

Radtube is industry leading Laser CAD CAM Radan software for rotary and multi axis cutting machines developed specifically for tube cutting and manipulation industry.

All profiling solutions are machine independent and support all major manufacturers such as Adira, Adige, Amada, Balliu, Bystronic, Cincinnati, Cutlite, CY Laser, Hankwang, LVD Strippit, NTC, Mazak, Mitsubishi Electric, Prima Industrie, Prima-Power, Salvagnini, Strippit, Trumpf and many more besides.