2019 AKYAPAK 1ADL-1200

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2019 AKYAPAK 1ADL-1200


  • Working Length: 40′
  • Profile height: 2″-47″
  • Profile width: 2″-47″
  • Support table height: 40″
  • Length: 50′
  • Height: 10″
  • Width: 10′
  • Weight: 26,500 lbs
  • Maximum tool length: 12″
  • Drilling Capacity: 3/8″-1-1/4″
  • RPM 10 rpm-3000 rpm
  • Spindle Power 15 hp
  • Total Power 60 hp
  • Tools ATC 6 stations

Standard Equipment

AKYAPAK 1ADL-1200 is developed to drill any kind of profile by rotating the beam. The tight tolerance between the holes is not a matter anymore since day by day steel producers needs more accurate manufacturing and assembling in shorter time. The time is many so 1ADL-1200 is ready to reduce your labor either for drilling or for on-site assembly. 1ADL-1200 is ready to drill beams, angles, flat sheets and any suitable geometry. You can also mill slots, pockets and any geometry by having state of arts control system. 1ADL-1200 gives you advantages; • Affordable investment • Optimum price/quality ratio • Highest driving Powers in the market • 11 kw spindle power • High positioning tolerance and repeatability • Very robust design • Worldwide spare parts availability • Easy to operate, high versatility • User friendly control system • Reduced size of overall dimensions • Speedy, accurate and free of maintenance • Heavy duty usage • Great flexibility Akyapak 1ADL SINGLE SPINDLE 1200 CNC Beam Drilling, Lines handle material up to 1200mm (50”) wide by 1200mm (50”) high.