HBM Series

Behringer HBM | Mac-Tech


These automatic band saws are specifically designed and developed for applications where high-speed metal cutting with a carbide-tipped saw blade is beneficial. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals including aluminum, steel and materials with difficult cutting properties – the HBM series cuts practically anything down to size. With even greater simplicity, greater precision and, most importantly, higher speed. The HBM makes light work of even the highest chip volumes. You too can benefit from the efficiency and flexibility of these outstanding high-performance bandsaws.

  • Frequency controlled drive system for infinitely variable cutting speeds
  • Automatic guide arm adjusting with hydraulic blade clamping
  • Complete carbide capability
  • Fully hydraulic saw blade tensioning
  • Minimal remnant pieces
  • Extremely short cycle times
  • Generously dimensioned chip conveyor
  • CNC program control for variable piece number and length combinations


This machine range is also available in a variety of models with scope for flexible upgrading. Precisely in line with your specifications and for even greater convenience, reliability and precision. For example:

  • Servo saw feed drive system
  • Bundle clamping unit
  • Band slip monitoring


Coming Soon!