Mac-Tech Customer Service

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In our industry, customer service isn’t cheap (or easy)

Years ago, when the Mac-Tech team made a 100% commitment to our customer service department – it was a “mind shift” that ultimately re-centered our position. Mentally, we changed from a metal fabrication machinery distributor who happened to have a service department, to a service company that also happens to distributes machinery.

Mac-Tech is a service company first

This might not sound Earth-shattering, but that simple organizational change made a huge and fundamental impact on how we service and partner with our customers as well as with how we run our business from the core.

We get up every day and think about our customers and their needs. In our Monday company huddles, for example, I ask our team specific questions about parts on order, status of customer requests or orders, and work to keep everyone in sync.

A service focus takes a huge effort

From day to day updates to the overarching requirements of a customer service focus, this takes an enormous effort. It’s not only about the inventory of parts, but also managing a team of skilled technicians, hiring and training of new technicians, and the paperwork and tracking of these processes.

In contrast, many of those in the machinery service and distribution industry are sales-focused; they may rely on the factory and a few additional employees to support their customers. These companies are often run by excellent, skilled sales staff – but can fall short when it comes to servicing their customers for troubleshooting or repair.

What a relentless commitment to customers looks like

Mac-Tech has a relentless commitment to our customers. We can’t follow that through without a large commitment. In fact, we invest a full 60% of our resources into service and customer care. It’s much easier to do this when you think of your business as a service company first.

For the record, though, we don’t get every order we go after. But we will service all your brands and are focused on showing everyone the value Mac-Tech has to offer… for the long haul. After all, why not purchase machinery from the same folks who are on-site and keeping things up and running? We hope that you’ll keep this in mind when making your next purchase.

In our 34th year of doing business, we believe it’s this service-first focus that has kept us here – having fun while helping our customers succeed.

Meet Mac-Tech’s new Customer Support Supervisor

On a final note, I’m pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Leister as Mac-Tech’s new service and support advocate. He’s also taking on the role of Supervisor of Daily Operations in our Customer Support division.

Jim brings 20 years of supervisory and service expertise to Mac-Tech; he’s providing best-in-class management for our customers’ most pressing needs and is ready to meet our relentless commitment to our clients.